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Don’t lose a dime: Essential medical questions for crash victims

On Behalf of | Apr 2, 2024 | Car Accidents |

Insurance laws allow you to seek compensation for injuries sustained in a vehicle accident caused by another’s negligence, but will your financial award be fair? Will it cover all your losses, including medical and other costs linked to your crash injuries?

One way to strengthen a car accident claim is to get a complete picture of your injuries and their effects before you file any paperwork. Asking your doctor a few critical questions can help you to get the information you’ll need moving forward.

What is the extent and nature of the injuries?

Doctors often prioritize treating severe injuries, potentially overlooking minor ones or not informing patients they exist. Ask for a comprehensive list of all accident-related injuries, including seemingly minor ones. Take notes and ask clarifying questions to ensure you fully understand the extent of your condition.

Are there concerns about possible future complications?

Some car accident injuries pose a risk of developing complications later, which can increase your medical costs. For instance, brain injuries can lead to seizures, altered consciousness or blood clotting issues that require medical attention. Discuss potential complications with your doctor to anticipate future needs.

How will the injuries affect work capacity?

Returning to work after recovery may be what you expect, but what if your injuries lead to disability? It might be a tough conversation, but talking with your doctor about your occupational prognosis is vital. Ask about your ability to work now and in the months and years ahead to ensure that your claim considers potential disability, if necessary.

In Oklahoma, injury victims have two years to file a car accident claim. Of course, you should not wait unduly long to file your claim. However, a few days spent determining your current and future needs and discussing your situation with a legal representative can help to ensure you obtain fair compensation down the road.