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How can cameras help you get crash compensation?

On Behalf of | Apr 23, 2024 | Car Accidents |

Car crashes can lead to expensive injuries. Once you add up the cost of treatment and time off work, it may come to a substantial amount. If your injuries are life-changing the amount will be even higher.

Thankfully, you should be able to claim compensation that covers these costs if the other driver was to blame for the crash. But to do this you will need evidence, as they claim you were the one at fault. Cameras can provide a lot of useful evidence. For example:

Photos of the crash scene

You or someone else can use a cell phone to take pictures of the crash scene. The police may also take photos of it. Such photos can help prove your injuries are related to the crash, not picked up afterward, as well as helping investigators determine the cause of the crash.

Videos of the crash or events leading up to it

Often the whole crash will have been caught on camera – be that a dash cam, a traffic camera or a security camera used to protect a property by the crash site. Other times you may not have direct footage, but still be able to find useful evidence from back up the road. For instance, a camera on the traffic signals 300 feet back may show that the other driver failed to stop at the lights. It stands to reason that they were probably still driving recklessly when they hit you.

Getting hold of this evidence is not always easy, nor is determining the best way to present it to support your claim, so you may want legal assistance to do both.