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What drivers should know about passing and being passed in Oklahoma

On Behalf of | May 20, 2024 | Car Accidents |

Drivers can overtake and pass slow-moving vehicles provided they observe speed limits. However, they need to follow passing rules to eliminate the chances of accidents.

Here is what to know about this passing and being passed in Oklahoma:


A vehicle overtaking another moving in the same direction on a roadway should pass on the left at a safe distance and not return to the right side until they have safely passed.

Further, if an overtaking driver needs to move from one lane to another to pass a car moving in the same direction, they must confirm that they can make such a movement safely. Then, they will signal properly by hand or mechanical device and move to the left lane. The driver must complete the overtake and return to the right lane within a distance of one mile without obstructing traffic flow. 

If a driver fails to pass safely, they may have made a faulty judgment or failed to consider a crucial factor they should have before moving. Passing is a driver’s responsibility. Thus, they need to ensure they do it properly.

Being passed

A driver being overtaken is also required to observe certain measures to ensure a pass is completed safely. Firstly, unless in circumstances where overtaking and passing on the right is permitted and safe, for example, when a driver being overtaken is about to make a left turn, they should give way to the overtaking driver upon reception of a signal. 

Additionally, they should not increase their vehicle’s speed until the overtaking car completely passes them. Failing to yield can lead to an accident. 

If you are involved in a crash when passing or being passed, learn more about your case to get just compensation.