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If negligence caused your injuries, you may claim damages

If you are suffering the consequences of an injury that resulted from another person's negligence, you might have questions about your rights to seek financial relief for the losses you sustained. You may be entitled to file a personal injury lawsuit in an Oklahoma civil court. Regardless of whether it was a car crash, slip-and-fall or another type of accident, if you can establish negligence, you have a good chance of recovering compensatory damages.

When is traveling covered by workers' compensation?

If you are a member of the Oklahoma workforce, you will likely find comfort in knowing that your employer has workers' compensation insurance that will cover your medical expenses and lost wages in the event of an on-the-job accident. You might qualify for compensation even if your injury occurs away from your work site. As long as your activities are work-related, you can claim benefits. This means that even while on a team-building exercise or a company-sponsored afternoon at the bowling alley, any injury you suffer will be compensable.

The risks truckers face are much more than road accident hazards

Commercial truck drivers are classified as those who transport freight between specified destinations in trucks with load capacities exceeding three tons. If you earn your living in the transporting or trucking industry, you are likely aware of the hazards you face whenever you are on duty. Along with the typical risks of navigating your way along the busy highways of Oklahoma and other states, truckers have to deal with loading, offloading, and keeping their trucks clean and in proper working order while away from the depot.

How to prepare for a lawsuit after a trucking accident

Are you suffering the consequences of a truck accident that resulted from the negligence of a big rig driver? If you were in a passenger vehicle when the crash happened, you might be fortunate to be alive, and your injuries will likely cause long-term health problems. Semitrailers are massive when compared to sedans, and even the most attentive car drivers can fall victim to distracted or reckless truckers.

How can a workers' compensation attorney help you?

Working in any of the industries in Oklahoma City can be hazardous, regardless of whether you work in an office, a construction site or as a driver of a commercial vehicle. Do you find comfort in the knowledge that you are covered by your employer's workers' compensation insurance? Will you be able to navigate a workers' compensation benefits claim if a workplace accident caused debilitating injuries?

Seeking answers for the distraction dilemma

If you take the same long road to work every morning, you may be always on the lookout for anything to make the trip more interesting. Perhaps you enjoy a political talk show on the radio, a favorite music station or an audio book when you drive. Unfortunately, many others in your situation are also looking for something to distract themselves from the tedious morning or afternoon commute.

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