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Avoiding distractions is key to preventing rear-end crashes

Rear-end collisions happen often. In fact, there are around 1.7 million rear-end crashes each year in the United States. Many times, those crashes are a result of people looking away from the road. Someone might, for example, look down at a text message and not look back up in time to see stopped traffic.

Avoid these 2 causes of rear-end collisions

Rear-end collisions are collisions that occur when a driver traveling behind another does not stop and hits the tail end of the front vehicle. Many rear-end collisions are minor, occurring at slow speeds, but some result in significant damage to vehicles and injuries to people.

Rear-end crashes can cause many serious types of injuries

Rear-end collisions are usually unexpected, happening when you're slowing to a stop or even when you're parked. Another driver may not see that you're ahead of them, or they might fall asleep behind the wheel and hit your vehicle. In some cases, the drivers are texting and don't look up in time to stop.

1 dies in drowsy driving accident in Oklahoma

Rear-end collisions happen for many reasons, one of which is falling asleep behind the wheel. When you drive at night, you need to take the time to get enough rest. If you begin to get tired, then you need to pull over and stop instead of putting yourself or others in danger. If you don't, you could cause a collision like this one.

Rear-end crashes aren't always the rear drivers' faults

While people often claim that a rear-end collision is always the fault of the rear vehicle, that simply is not the case. Did you know that the first driver in a line, someone who merges into a line or others could be at fault as well? It's the reality that every situation is different, so the rear driver can't always be blamed.

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