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Safety associated with SUV front passengers seats raises concerns

SUV accidents can have a devastating impact on victims and their families. Tests conducted in 2016 revealed that passengers in SUVs may not enjoy the same protections as drivers in the driver-side seat. When replicating small overlap crash safety tests on the passenger side of 7 small-sized SUVs, Insurance Institute for Highway Safety rated only 2 models as good and one received a rating of poor. The results were better when the driver's side was tested using the same type of test.

Oklahoma City SUV rollover results in serious accident

An Oklahoma City SUV accident recently resulted in a rollover and one fatality. According to authorities, the SUV rollover accident occurred when a Porsche traveling in the wrong direction collided with the SUV. Authorities reported that the driver of the Porsche drove into oncoming traffic accidentally by missing the correct ramp and ended up travelling north in southbound lanes of traffic. While attempting to make a U-turn to travel in the correct direction, the Porsche and the SUV collided as the Porsche was t-boned by the SUV travelling in the correct direction. The accident caused the SUV to rollover.

Time limits for bringing a personal injury claim

A personal injury claim for damages can be brought in a number of different circumstances and different types of accidents, including SUV accidents, car accidents, motorcycle accidents and truck accidents. What is important to keep in mind is that there are time limits in Oklahoma for bringing a claim for damages.

Victims of distracted driving should understand their options

Distracted driving is a serious cause of accidents that can lead to harm suffered in car, truck and SUV accidents. Inattentive driving increases as cell phones, tablets and other distractions become increasingly common. A number of different types of distractions contribute to the problem of distracted driving. One study revealed that the use of a cell phone or other electronic device while driving increases the chances of an accident by three times.

The dangers of rollover accidents and what families can do

Rollover accidents, including SUV rollover accidents, are extremely dangerous accidents in Oklahoma City that oftentimes result in fatalities. Rollover accidents have higher rates of fatalities than other types of motor vehicle accidents. It is interesting to note that of the 9.1 million motor vehicle accidents in 2010, including passenger cars, SUVs, pickups and vans, 2.1 percent involved rollovers, however, rollover accidents accounted for 35 percent of motor vehicle accident fatalities.

Oklahoma drunk driving statistics and help for victims

According to Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) statistics, during the most recent year in Oklahoma, there were 170 drunk driving-related fatalities which accounted for a quarter of all traffic-related fatalities. Also during the past year, there were 2,507 drunk driving-related accident injuries suffered by victims throughout Oklahoma. There were nearly 19,000 arrests for DUI during the most recent year in Oklahoma.

What types of damages are available for personal injuries?

Individuals injured in a motor vehicle accident such as an SUV accident or other type of accident that results from the negligence of another party may wonder what types of damages are available to them through a personal injury or other legal claim. In general, damages are based on the type of harm the victim has suffered and can fall into several broad categories including damages for physical harm suffered, financial harm suffered and emotional harm suffered.

Victims of drunk drivers have legal protections available to them

Drunk driving is a significant cause of accidents, injuries and deaths. In Oklahoma, it is reported that hundreds of deaths can be attributed to drunk driving accidents each year and that 30 percent of car accident-related deaths are attributable to drunk driving. Victims of drunk driving accidents may suffer different types of harm and have different legal options available to help them.

Oklahoma SUV accident kills mother and child

A crash involving a car and an SUV recently claimed the lives of an Oklahoma woman and her child. The woman was killed in the head-on collision and her 10-month-old son was pronounced dead at the hospital following the SUV accident. The woman's 2-year old daughter was life-flighted to an Oklahoma hospital in stable condition. The accident occurred a couple of hours east of Oklahoma City.

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