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Train safety is an important concern for many communities. Changes to railroad crossing safety are coming to a neighboring community south of Oklahoma City. The safety modifications for the quiet zone to go into effect are in place, and the quiet zones are scheduled to begin at any time. The safety modifications are also expected to make the crossings safer, such as the yellow safety medians which will prevent drivers from splitting the gates.


Railroad crossing safety issues are becoming an increasing concern in Oklahoma. An accident in Oklahoma over the summer that claimed the life of a woman and her 3 children highlighted the dangers of train crossings for many. A recent news investigation revealed documents that recommended upgrades to the railroad crossing where the fatal accident occurred. The upgrades had been recommended for 5 years but were never made. Shortly after the train accident killing the woman and her children, a resolution was passed to make improvements, using emergency funds, to the railroad crossing in question, including a crossing gate and flashing lights.

Railroad crossing safety being addressed at government level

The Oklahoma Department of Transportation recently scheduled and held a special meeting for the purposes of expediting the railroad grade crossing safety program. Commissioners and railway officials were invited to the meeting. An Oklahoma county a few hours east of Oklahoma City that recently suffered a fatal train accident, and where a particular railroad crossing is of particular concern, was the focus of the meeting.

Train accident victims killed in Oklahoma City area

Some of our readers may have heard that a train accident in the Oklahoma City area recently killed a pedestrian. The freight train struck the pedestrian victim, who died as a result of the injuries suffered in the train accident. Several streets were closed and the train remained on the tracks without moving for a couple of hours while crews processed the train accident scene. Following the accident, the cause was being investigated by authorities.

Oklahoma train accident kills 4 and injures one

A train accident in an Oklahoma community recently killed 4 people and injured one other, all passengers in a car. The female driver of the car was travelling east with her passengers during the early afternoon hours when a train travelling northbound crashed into the passenger vehicle they were riding in. The woman driving the car and three children were killed in the train accident. A fourth child was also injured in the train accident and was air lifted to the hospital.

Train accidents by the numbers and help for victims

It is important to understand the full impact of train accidents. Over the past 10 years, with the exception of one year, the number of train accident collisions in the United States has increased. In 2010, there were a total of 2,051 train accidents followed by 2,061 train accidents in 2011; 1,985 train accidents in 2012; 2,102 train accidents in 2013; 2,291 train accidents in 2014; and a slight drop over the previous year at 2,059 train accidents in 2015. The number of train accidents in 2014 and 2015 are based on preliminary statistics.

Man killed in Oklahoma train accident

A man was recently killed after he was struck by a train in Oklahoma. The Oklahoma Highway Patrol reported that the man was killed in a train accident a couple of hours northeast of the Oklahoma City area. According to authorities, the victim was on the train tracks early in the morning when he was struck and killed by the train. Authorities are investigating why the man was on the tracks.

Fatal Oklahoma train accident claims life of one man

This blog recently discussed the importance of railroad safety. A man was recently killed in a train accident in a nearby community north of the Oklahoma City area. Oklahoma authorities are investigating how the train accident occurred. The man who was killed in the fatal train accident was driving a semi truck and, as the train passed at the rail crossing, the semi truck and the train collided. The 47-year old man was pronounced dead at the scene of the train accident. The 28-year old train engineer and 49-year old conductor of the train were not injured in the train accident.

What are some railroad safety tips?

The fact that trains can present dangers is not unknown, however, many may wonder how they can help keep themselves and their families safe from the dangers associated with trains. According to one report, a pedestrian or vehicle is hit by a train every three hours in the United States. It is important to keep in mind that unique characteristics associated with trains can make them especially dangerous.

What are railroad safety requirements in railroad quiet zones?

This blog recently discussed a tragic Oklahoma City area train accident that recently claimed the life of a pedestrian. As some municipalities in Oklahoma transition into railway quiet zones, Oklahoma residents may have questions about the requirements trains must satisfy and rules they must follow concerning train and railroad safety and providing notice to citizens when approaching.

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