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A closer look at motorcycle accidents statistics in Oklahoma

The suffering caused by motorcycle accidents can be extensive. In Oklahoma during 2013, there were a total of 87 fatal motorcycle accidents that resulted in a total of 92 motorcyclist fatalities. The total for 2013 compares to 80 fatal motorcycle accidents in 2012, 88 fatal motorcycle accidents in 2011, 73 fatal motorcycle accidents in 2010 and 102 fatal motorcycle accidents in 2009. Additionally, in 2013 in Oklahoma, a total of 821 serious injury motorcycle accidents resulted in a total of 902 seriously injured motorcyclists.

Oklahoma City-area motorcycle accident kills three motorcyclists

Motorcycle riders and their families can suffer great harm following an unexpected motorcycle accident. A tragic Oklahoma-city area motorcycle accident recently claimed the life of three motorcycle riders. The serious accident occurred when the driver of a passenger vehicle overcorrected after leaving the roadway, then crossed the center line, striking one motorcyclist. The 49-year-old motorcycle rider was thrown 70 feet as a result of the accident and died at the scene.

Understanding the dangers motorcyclists face

As spring fast approaches, more and more motorcyclists will be out sharing the roadways with passenger vehicles and other types of motorists and vehicles. The impact of a motorcycle accident can take a physical, emotional and financial toll on motorcycle accident victims and families.

Are motorcycle accidents preventable?

There are many motorcyclists in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Riders love motorcycles because they are convenient, save gas costs and bring them a unique sense of freedom. Howeverr, operating a motorcycle has inherent risks. Motorcycle accidents have long been associated with catastrophic injuries. Lack of experience and bad road conditions are some of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents. Riders should equip themselves with the right amount of knowledge to help them prevent motorcycle accidents.

Helping motorcycle accident victims across Oklahoma

Any Oklahoma motor vehicle accident can result in catastrophic injuries. The only difference between motorcycle accidents and other Oklahoma traffic accidents is that this type of accident often leads to more serious injuries because a rider's body is exposed to numerous elements. Motorcyclists often sustain head injury and broken bones following a motorcycle accident. Recovering from these injuries may take a long period of time before the injured person returns to pre-injury health. During the recovery period, the motorcycle accident victim may also incur financial injury due to medical expenses and lost wages.

Factors affecting motorcycle accidents in the United States

Accidents involving motorcycles often lead to catastrophic injuries or fatalities. When a passenger vehicle collides with a motorcycle, the person who usually sustains the most severe injuries is the motorcyclist. Motorcycle riders have to educate themselves about the factors that can cause motorcycle accidents.

Victims of motorcycle accidents are our top priority

The number of accidents involving motorcyclists seems to keep growing. Compared with the typical car accident, a motorcycle accident has a higher chance of producing catastrophic injuries and death because of the limited protection offered by motorcycles. Even excellent physical skills and attention to the road are not enough to guarantee a motorcyclist's safety. Too many times motorcycle collisions are caused by drivers of other vehicles who did not see the motorcyclists.

Helmets can prevent debilitating injuries in motorcycle accidents

Some Oklahomans, who are bored with operating four-wheeled vehicles, have turned to the two-wheeled form of daily transportation -- a motorcycle. Riding a motorcycle offers convenience, such as saving on gas costs, but doing so also comes with great risks. Collisions involving motorcycles often yield to catastrophic injuries and even fatalities, in some severe cases. Riders should who wear helmets provide themselves added protection in the event of a crash. Oklahoma riders who are still unaware of what helmets can do should learn how they can try to prevent serious injuries.

Motorcycle accident seriously injures motorcyclist in Oklahoma

Riding a motorcycle is known to be riskier than riding a car, but that does not stop some Oklahomans from riding them for daily transportation, as well as for pleasure. Riders know they can be easily thrown from their vehicles in any collision, which is why most of them choose to wear protective gear, such as padded leather jackets, gloves, knee pads and helmets to protect them from serious injuries. They also know it is important to ride responsibly to avoid collisions with other vehicles.

Motorcycle collision sends two motorcyclists to hospitals

In Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, it is a common knowledge that riding a motorcycle is riskier than driving a car. Still, many motorcycle enthusiasts and veteran riders continue to ride their motorcycles because doing so brings them a unique sense of freedom that they cannot find when driving a four-wheeled vehicle. Howeverr, motorcycle riders should be careful when travelling on the road. They should always wear protective gear and follow the state's traffic rules and regulations, which can prevent the motorcycle collisions that often result in injuries and fatalities.

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