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How to counter an insurance company's settlement offer

Saying that a car accident is expensive is an understatement. Between the vehicle damage, hospital bills and missed workdays, motor vehicle accident costs can really add up. The first offer from the insurance company will likely be too low to cover your damages. Insurance companies expect negotiation for a settlement and therefore will start with a number lower than what they would be comfortable paying out.

Drunk driving victims have options to consider that offer help

One of the worst things that can happen to a family is to have a loved one involved in a drunk driver related incident. Families suffering from the loss of a loved one following a drunk driving accident should not unnecessarily suffer financial damages in the midst of the emotional challenges they are facing. Victims injured by a drunk driver may also face physical, financial and emotional challenges as well and should understand ways to work through the aftermath of the accident.

One person injured in Oklahoma SUV accident

Every day, Oklahomans know there is some chance of being in a motor vehicle accident. If they drive sports utility vehicles, they may know that older models of some of these vehicles are more prone to rolling over. SUV accidents, however, are underreported because they are often lumped into the car accident category. In recent years, SUV manufacturers have modified their vehicles to make them more stable and less likely to roll over during sudden maneuvers or when in accidents. Still, these vehicles can be involved in collisions, just like other types of motor vehicles.

Cellphones cause car accidents, study reports

Many people multi-task. Although this habit allows individuals to perform multiple duties at the same time, this can be especially dangerous when a person performs two or more actions at a time while driving. Operating a vehicle requires a driver's full attention. Howeverr, many people continue to engage in distracted driving and these people may find themselves involved in a car collision. It is important to determine how cellphone use contributes to the majority of car accidents in the country.

The why and how of SUV rollover accidents

When sports utility vehicles are involved in motor vehicle accidents, they often end up rolling over because of their higher centers of gravity. SUV owners in Oklahoma may or may not already know this fact, but becoming aware of the problem and the potential for injury and death from a rollover is critically important. For decades the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has examined the causes and consequences of a variety of motor vehicle accidents, including SUV accidents, and has made a number of findings.

How Oklahoma's oldest drivers avoid car accidents?

Over the decades, car accidents have been widely studied in Oklahoma and throughout the United States. These studies have tried to determine the most common causes of accidents and ways to prevent them. Each study has looked at different age groups. Oklahoma's situation reflects one particular problem seen elsewhere in the country: drivers 65 and older face unique challenges when they operate their vehicles. In 2012, an estimated 214,000 older Americans were injured, and 5,560 were killed in accidents.

Rear-end pickup truck collision kills woman near Okmulgee

Car accidents are a fact of modern life. They occur every day across the country, including in Oklahoma. When two or more vehicles collide, their occupants can suffer a wide variety of injuries, ranging from minor bumps to broken bones to major brain trauma. Injuries are unpredictable and can allow someone to walk away or be left permanently disabled, if not dead. Almost all vehicular mishaps are preventable, and the majority are caused by the failure of at least one driver to exercise due caution.

How can you prevent SUV accidents?

Sports utility vehicle accidents often get less attention than car accidents. Although SUVs are considered cars in motor vehicle crash data, the design of SUVs makes one type of accident more common: the rollover. For the last 30 years SUV rollovers have been observed in many studies examining the effects of SUV performance across a variety of tests. Because of their narrower and taller design, SUV and pickup trucks have a higher center of gravity, and when an SUV driver makes a sharp turn, especially at higher speeds, that center of the gravity can shift to one side of the vehicle, causing the driver to lose control.

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