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Oklahoma workers' compensation: 2 hurt in recent crash

What started out as a normal day for two Oklahoma Department of Transportation workers ended with both of them in the hospital. While on the job, the vehicle these two individuals were in was hit by a semitrailer. Due to the circumstances of this event, the victims may utilize workers' compensation benefits and possibly be able to file third-party claims against the trucker and his employer.

What does age have to do with workers' compensation claims?

Many people in Oklahoma and all across the country are choosing to work well into their retirement years. This may be out of want or financial need. Studies are showing, though, that older workers are filing more workers' compensation claims than ever before. What does age have to do with it?

Oklahoma workers' compensation: Can I file a third-party claim?

You went into work just like any other day. After clocking in and checking your schedule, you got in your work vehicle and started about your day. While on your way to your first appointment, a car ran through a red light and slammed into you. You were hurt pretty severely, but many of your losses are being taken care of through your workers' compensation benefits. Your question is, though, "in Oklahoma, can I file a third-party claim against the driver who hit me?"

Injured Oklahoma worker may file for worker's compensation

In large metropolitan locations such as Oklahoma City, there is no shortage of construction projects underway. Though the vast majority of these projects are completed without any major delays or work-related injuries, the potential always exist for a serious accident that can cause workers to suffer injuries that require extended time off of work. In these types of situations, the injured employee will often file for benefits through the worker's compensation program.

Potential worker's compensation claims after explosion

Undoubtedly, one of the most dangerous professions in America is drilling for oil. On any given day, an oil rig worker is in close range of the highly combustible material that could possibly explode at any given moment. In a recent tragedy, five Oklahoma oil rig workers were killed when a gas well exploded and now their families may benefit from filing a worker's compensation claim.

Workers' compensation often helpful for families of victims

Many Oklahoma workers know what it is like to suffer injuries on the job. Even in situations where physical pain and disability are minor, an on-the-job accident can interfere a worker's ability to do his or her job. Basically, that is why the workers' compensation program exists, to help such workers cover medical expenses and make ends meet when they aren't able to be on-site, earning paychecks during recovery.

Seeking workers' compensation following repetitive stress injury

Not every on-the-job injury is the result of a sudden accident. While there are definitely many Oklahoma workers injured this way every year, there are also many employees who suffer other types of work-related injuries as well. The workers' compensation program exists to benefit employees who suffer serious injuries or illness on the job as well as those adversely affected by conditions such as repetitive stress injuries.

Worker injured in fire may have workers' compensation questions

Many people in Oklahoma go to work every day in jobs that are considered dangerous. By the same token, there are workers who report to offices or other locations whose duties are rather benign with regard to potential hazards but who suffer injuries when freak accidents occur. Either way, a workers' compensation claim can be filed to request benefits when such injuries happen in the workplace.

Some jobs lead to more worker's compensation claims than others

When seeking gainful employment in Oklahoma, many people hesitate when it comes to certain types of jobs because their reputations for being dangerous. After all, suffering an on-the-job injury can have long-term consequences; severe injuries often impede the ability to return to work. Studies show there are several jobs in particular that place workers at highest risk for injuries. If someone is considering work in one of these fields, it may be prudent to seek information about the worker's compensation program ahead of time, just in case an accident occurs.

Prioritizing workplace safety as an auto mechanic

Auto mechanics in Oklahoma may not always be aware of the severity of the risks they face whenever they move about their workshops. There is a score of safety hazards, and employees who do not receive the necessary safety training may put their lives on the line. There are state and federal safety standards with which to comply, and it is the responsibility of workshop owners to protect the health and safety of all employees.

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