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The serious consequences of traumatic brain injuries

Individuals who suffer a traumatic brain injury can experience serious harm that may lead to permanent disability and the need for long-term care. Victims of TBI may experience impaired thinking, memory, movement, vision, hearing or emotional disruptions. Because of the significant impact a TBI can have on a victim, the effects of a TBI can also impact families of the victim.

Train accident leaves three people dead

Traveling by train in Oklahoma is still relevant and important. Besides providing affordable passenger transportation, these immense vehicles carry essential commodities to cities and towns throughout the country. As trains pass through Oklahoma towns, train safety is also relevant. Train accidents can cause massive property damage and serious injuries, and even death. A recent accident making headlines across the country demonstrated the devastation a train crash can cause when safety is compromised.

Female rapper required to pay millions to assault victim

Head trauma often has long-lasting effects on an injury victim. It can cause permanent disability and complications that may require long-term care and substantial medical expenses. Americans, including those in Oklahoma, can suffer brain damage from motor-vehicle and workplace accidents, as well as from assaults by other people.

Oklahoma man arrested for drug-related motorcycle accident

Oklahoma residents know the perils of drunken driving. However, driving under the influence of drugs can be just as deadly when it comes to motorcycle accidents. As a case in Tulsa County shows, the offense not only can lead to charges against a negligent party but also serious injuries to riders.

Chance of early death 3 times more likely after brain injury

There is rarely any good news regarding the effects of a brain injury, and unfortunately, a JAMA Psychiatry study published on Jan. 15 reaches yet another negative conclusion. The life expectancy of someone who has suffered a traumatic brain injury may be three times lower than that of someone who has not had a similar injury, according to the study. 

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