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The serious consequences of traumatic brain injuries

Individuals who suffer a traumatic brain injury can experience serious harm that may lead to permanent disability and the need for long-term care. Victims of TBI may experience impaired thinking, memory, movement, vision, hearing or emotional disruptions. Because of the significant impact a TBI can have on a victim, the effects of a TBI can also impact families of the victim.

Avoiding the common risks that cause traumatic brain injury

Oklahomans understand that brain injuries have the potential for permanent damage that leave victims facing a lifetime of constant medical care. Many people have seen both military personnel and athletes who sustained traumatic brain injuries face severe impairments. Even if victims do recover, the road is often long, difficult and expensive. As of now, there are no effective treatments to reverse the damage from most types of traumatic brain injury. Doctors can only prevent injuries from getting worse through surgery and medication.

Signs of Oklahoma brain injuries can help lead to treatment

One type of injury has become strongly associated with both Oklahoma military veterans and athletes: brain injury. The injury typically results from a violent blow to the head. Signs and symptoms of brain damage can manifest themselves immediately or days later. For Oklahoma residents who may be concerned about loved ones sustaining such injuries, the following signs and symptoms can help them decide when treatment is needed.

How TBI patients benefit from therapy and emotional support

Many injuries that people suffer heal over time, whether short- or long-term, allowing them to return to their normal lives and activities. Some injuries, however, can result in permanent damage that has long-lasting effects on many aspects of an individual's life. One of these injuries is the traumatic brain injury. TBIs are just as much of concern to Oklahomans as they are to other Americans.

Chance of early death 3 times more likely after brain injury

There is rarely any good news regarding the effects of a brain injury, and unfortunately, a JAMA Psychiatry study published on Jan. 15 reaches yet another negative conclusion. The life expectancy of someone who has suffered a traumatic brain injury may be three times lower than that of someone who has not had a similar injury, according to the study. 

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