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Resources are available for victims of drunk driving accidents

Drunk drivers can cause untold amounts of damage to victims and their families harmed in a drunk driving accident. Unfortunately, drunk driving is a leading cause of car accidents and car accident-related injuries and fatalities. In Oklahoma, 30 percent of traffic fatalities are related to drunk driving. Each drunk driving accident has the potential to unexpectedly up-end the lives of victims and their families and can have permanent and lasting consequences for the futures of victims and their families.

How to better understand distracted driving

Car accidents are among the top two causes of injury and death. Each year since 1994, between greater than 32,000 victims and 43,500 victims have been killed in car accidents. Motorcyclists, pedestrians and others are also included in the number of fatalities caused in motor vehicle accidents. In addition to deaths, victims of car accidents also suffer life-altering injuries in car accidents. There were a total of 2.2 million vehicle accident injuries in 2010.

Truck accident victims have resources available to them

Unfortunately, the driving public is sometimes placed at risk when truck drivers and trucking companies do not follow regulations that limit the number of hours a truck driver can be behind the wheel. Excessive driving, without proper breaks, can lead to difficulty concentrating and may result in truck accidents.

How serious are drunk driving accidents in Oklahoma?

Drunk drivers can cause significant harm to victims but resources are available to help drunk driving accident victims. In Oklahoma, there were 3,824 drunk driving accident-related injuries during 2015 when drivers had a blood alcohol content level of .01 or higher. In addition, there were a total of 2,507 drunk driving accidents during 2015 in Oklahoma when the driver had a BAC of .01 or higher. During 2015 in Oklahoma, there were 154 drunk driving-related fatalities when a driver had a BAC of .08 or higher. Overall, drunk driving-related fatalities accounted for 23 percent of traffic fatalities in Oklahoma during 2015.

Victims of drunk drivers should know their legal options

As summer fast approaches, there may be more individuals on the roadways. Unfortunately, drunk driving car accidents are a reality we live with and a leading cause of death and injury on the roadways. Organizations against drunk driving report that hundreds of victims are killed in drunk driving accidents each year in Oklahoma and that 30 percent of car accident fatalities are related to drunk driving.

Estimating the costs of brain injuries in kids

Unfortunately, car accidents occur every day, and sometimes children are the victims. Traumatic brain injuries can be suffered by any car accident victim and the outcome can be costly medical treatments and rehabilitation. Six hundred thousand children visit hospitals each year for traumatic brain injuries and many more are treated for less severe TBIs. The costs associated with traumatic brain injuries are significant and can include medical expenses, as well as follow-up and long-term care.

Tips to help avoid distracted driving during awareness month

This blog recently discussed texting while driving in Oklahoma. April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month, so it may be a good time for drivers to review tips to help them avoid distracted driving. Distracted Driving Awareness Month began in 2014 when an increase in distracted driving was noticed and is intended to bring awareness to the serious and dangerous issue of distracted driving.

Oklahoma issues a number of citations for texting while driving

An Oklahoma law aimed at discouraging texting while driving went into effect last year and has resulted in a number of citations. Throughout the state of Oklahoma, 272 citations were issued for texting while driving from November 2015 through the third week of March 2016. In Oklahoma City, 53 citations for the same offense were issued during that same time period.

Court case resolved in Oklahoma City drunk driving accident

Tragically, drunk drivers cause accidents that result in injuries, death and harm to victims. The trial for a man accused of killing three people in an Oklahoma City drunk driving accident was recently halted when the man pleaded guilty to three counts of manslaughter. The family of two of the victims expressed relief but noted that the conclusion of the trial did not relieve the pain they have endured.

Motor vehicle accident fatalities increased in 2015

Unfortunately, car accidents occur each year and cause harm to victims. Motor vehicle accident fatalities increased 8 percent in 2015, according to initial estimates from the National Safety Council. The increase represents the largest yearly increase in 50 years. According to National Safety Council estimates, 38,300 victims were killed in motor vehicle accidents in 2015, and nearly 4 and a half million more victims were seriously injured. The estimates render 2015 the most deadly driving year in the United States since 2008.

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