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Help for victims and families following a fatal car accident

Car accidents can result in tragic and sometimes fatal consequences. Family members who have lost a loved one due to the negligence of another likely face unexpected challenges and a challenging road ahead. When a loved one has been wrongfully killed, legal options may be available to help family members with the damages they have suffered.

The basics of car accident liability

Greater than 5.5 million car accidents were reported in 2012, making car accidents a serious concern for car accident victims and families. For car accident victims, a car accident is anything but basic. Serious injuries and damages can result from a car accident and car accidents can occur in a number of ways and range in severity.

New distracted driving law in Oklahoma is being strictly enforced

The dangers of distracted driving are becoming increasingly well known. A new distracted driver law recently went into effect in Oklahoma, and authorities are demonstrating their intention to strictly enforce the law. Authorities from another Oklahoma community just a couple of hours south of Oklahoma City and the Oklahoma Highway Patrol planned to demonstrate strict enforcement of the new rules to help ensure public safety.

The increasing problem of distracted driving

Distracted driving has become an increasing concern for our society today. Distracted driving in Oklahoma and elsewhere leads to car accidents, injuries and even fatalities. Distracted driving significantly increases the risk of a car accident. The proliferation of mobile devices has contributed to the increased problem of distracted driving, which can lead to car accidents.

A look at Oklahoma car accident statistics

During 2012, there were 54,873 reported car accidents in Oklahoma. There were also a total of 228 fatal crashes in 2012. In addition, there were a total of 124,187 victims involved in car accidents during 2012. During 2013, the number of car accident increased to 54,825. There was also an increase in fatal car accidents to 239 in 2013. Overall, there were a total of 122,251 victims involved in car accidents in Oklahoma during 2013.

How are car accidents investigated?

Many of us have heard of accident investigations following car or other motor vehicle accident. Accident investigations are important to determine liability and ensure that victims are properly compensated for losses and damages. Because of this, you may have wondered how car accident investigations are conducted.

Options for victims of car accidents caused by distracted driving

Inattentive and distracted driving is a growing problem and safety concern in a number of places, including in Oklahoma. The use of cell phones or other electronic devices while driving increases the risk of an accident by three times. Distracted driving is particularly serious because it compromises the driver's visual, manual and mental focus.

Aggressive advocates for Oklahoma car accident victims

In Oklahoma car accidents are unfortunately a major cause of injury and death. On average, approximately 28,000 car accident victims are killed or injured each year in the state. Though unfortunately somewhat common, car accidents are always unexpected and can leave victims with significant disruptions to their personal, physical, financial and emotional lives.

Truck accidents are a serious concern for Oklahomans

When truck accidents take place, they commonly involve collisions between a truck and a passenger vehicle. A variety of different types of truck collisions can take place, including when passenger cars are rear-ended by trucks, sideswiped by trucks or are hit head on by trucks. Because of the size disparity between passenger vehicles and semi-trucks, semi-truck accidents can commonly be fatal and victims can suffer catastrophic injuries.

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