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Top Four Causes Of Trucking Accidents

Semi trucks, haulers, dump trucks and 18-wheeler accident injuries and fatalities are on the rise in Oklahoma and all across the nation. But why? What causes such a tragic accident?

Below is a list of the top causes of truck accidents today:

1. Unsafe driving: Sadly, many commercial truck accidents happen because of unsafe or illegal driving behaviors. Speeding, reckless driving or driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol are common unsafe practices that lead to trucking accidents today.

2. Distracted driving: In today’s 21st century society, most adults have a smartphone, equipped with the latest apps, email, GPS navigation, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter — you name it. Such devices often cause serious distractions, resulting in auto accidents from inattentive truck drivers.

3. Driver fatigue: Truck drivers work demanding hours, often driving for very long periods of time. Despite rules regulating truck driver operating hours, many CDL drivers continue to drive to make deadlines even when exhausted, which results in decreased cognitive functioning.

4. Improperly secured loads: Trucks that are improperly secured or overloaded can cause rollover accidents or cargo or freight to fall off and cause a serious accident.

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