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Employers are responsible for on-the-clock injuries while driving

You drive for work, so the likelihood is that you'll get into a crash while you're on the job if you ever do. That realization was made extremely clear when you were involved in a collision on the way to a job site.

When you were involved in the crash, the other driver was distracted. They merged into your lane unexpectedly and caused you to spin. In total, several vehicles ended up involved, and you were severely hurt.

Court rules failed drug test does not affect workers’ comp

For injured Oklahoma workers, a recent court ruling may give them more access to care, even if they test positive for drugs. According to The Oklahoman, the Oklahoma Court of Civil Appeals recently ruled an injured worker should not be denied workers’ compensation benefits because he failed a drug test.

What should you know about a delayed-onset injury?

Auto accident injuries can be severe. Some don't show up right away, leading people to believe that they've gotten through a serious crash without the injuries that they actually have. Delayed-onset injuries are common for crash victims, and they're a true risk to their health in the coming days.

Delayed-onset injuries are injuries that aren't apparent when they take place. Like a cut that you don't realize you have until you see blood, a delayed-onset injury also isn't recognized until long after it occurred. They often don't cause pain or show apparent injuries.

You have a right to appeal a denied worker's compensation claim

As someone who has been working for your employer for many years, the last thing you expected when you got hurt was that your workers' compensation claim would be denied. You were in the heart of the action, working on a long-term project for your employer. There's no reason for a denial, in your opinion.

If your workers' compensation claim has been denied, it's important for you to seek help. You shouldn't have to go without financial support for medical care or lost wages because of simple misunderstandings or red tape. There are a few reasons you might have had your claim denied, which your attorney can help you appeal.

Can I sue my employer for my workplace injury?

You likely know about workers’ compensation and how you can apply to receive benefits if you suffer a work injury.

But, you may wonder whether you can simply sue your employer in civil court instead. Perhaps you may be thinking that, given your specific circumstance, you could recover a lot more money.

Trooper evades crash, releases video to show dangerous act

Sometimes, near-misses are the almost-crashes people need to witness to become better drivers. It's a wake-up call to pay attention and to follow the rules of the road.

For example, a case out of Oklahoma could have ended badly, but fortunately, no one got hurt. The Oklahoma State trooper who was involved in the near-miss took the time to report it to explain the risks drivers take when they're not driving safely.

How much does speed affect injury rates?

Auto accident injuries have the potential to be devastating. Depending on the speed of the crash and other factors, people could be trapped inside their vehicles, pinned and struggling to survive.

What many people don't realize is how much the risk of injury increases with just a few extra mph. For instance, did you know that traveling at 65 mph is the same as falling from a 12-foot building? It's a shock to think about how people can survive accidents when compared in that way.

Rear-end crashes aren't always the rear drivers' faults

While people often claim that a rear-end collision is always the fault of the rear vehicle, that simply is not the case. Did you know that the first driver in a line, someone who merges into a line or others could be at fault as well? It's the reality that every situation is different, so the rear driver can't always be blamed.

Normally, it is the rear driver's fault when a collision happens. Why? They should have had the space and time to stop. It's their responsibility to keep several car lengths between them and the driver ahead of them. It's their job to slow to a stop if they approach a traffic signal or stop sign.

Is PTSD covered under workers’ comp?

Most people understand that if you deserve to have your employer cover the cost of your on-the-job physical injuries. Often there is not nearly as much focus on how jobs can cause emotional damage to employees.

If the nature of the job is particularly distressing, an employee could develop post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) from their line of work. It happens all the time to our servicemen and servicewomen.

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