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Oklahoma car accidents: 1 injured in Valentine's Day wreck

Police in Oklahoma are investigating a Valentine's Day wreck that left one person injured. This incident occurred in the Lawton area, and involved a semitrailer and a pickup truck. The victim of this crash, and others who have suffered injuries in similar car accidents, may be entitled to seek compensation through legal means for any damages sustained.

According to a recent news report, at approximately 2 p.m. on Feb. 14, a semitrailer was traveling on Highway 62 near Deyo Mission Road when it hit a pickup truck that was stopped on the shoulder. The force of impact caused the pickup to roll several times before it eventually came to rest in a ditch. The driver of the impacted vehicle -- a 72-year-old male -- suffered critical injuries and was flown to a medical facility in Oklahoma City for treatment. His current condition is unknown.

If negligence caused your injuries, you may claim damages

If you are suffering the consequences of an injury that resulted from another person's negligence, you might have questions about your rights to seek financial relief for the losses you sustained. You may be entitled to file a personal injury lawsuit in an Oklahoma civil court. Regardless of whether it was a car crash, slip-and-fall or another type of accident, if you can establish negligence, you have a good chance of recovering compensatory damages.

Compensatory damages aim to make you whole again. After receiving compensation, your situation should be similar to before the incident. When documenting your damages for adjudication by the court, you can include more than economic losses.

Car accidents: Life of young cheerleader cut short

Losing a child unexpectedly because of a vehicle wreck may be one of the most devastating processes a parent has to go through. Surviving loved ones of those killed in car accidents typically experience a range of negative emotions, such as confusion, anger, guilt, sadness, blame and countless others. For one Oklahoma family, these emotions have become a reality after losing their daughter, a high school cheerleader, from a heartbreaking car accident.

The accident occurred on a recent Sunday morning when the vehicle that the young girl was traveling in crashed into the post of a concrete bridge, causing her to be ejected from the vehicle. Sadly, she was pronounced dead at the scene; the driver of the vehicle was treated and released from a local hospital. At the time of the crash, officers reported that both teens were utilizing their seat belt.

Fatigue is detrimental to the safety of commercial truck drivers

Safety authorities say the primary causes of fatigue that leads to commercial truck drivers falling asleep include acquired sleeping problems exacerbated by their circumstances, long driving hours and unhealthy lifestyles -- all directly linked to their jobs.

Legal entitlements after fatal car accidents

One of the most common causes of car accidents is a distracted driver. In a matter of seconds, an accident can occur should a driver divert his or her attention away from the road. As a result, severe injuries are sometimes sustained and, even worse, a fatality. In the event of a fatal car accident, Oklahoma families should be aware of any legal entitlement available to them.

As a result of a recent three-car accident, one person is fighting for his or her life while two others suffered fatal injuries. According to a preliminary report, a passenger vehicle crashed into the rear of a tractor trailer carrying fuel, which had slowed down due to traffic, also causing a third vehicle to be involved. The accident continues to be under investigation while officers determine the exact cause of the crash.

When is traveling covered by workers' compensation?

If you are a member of the Oklahoma workforce, you will likely find comfort in knowing that your employer has workers' compensation insurance that will cover your medical expenses and lost wages in the event of an on-the-job accident. You might qualify for compensation even if your injury occurs away from your work site. As long as your activities are work-related, you can claim benefits. This means that even while on a team-building exercise or a company-sponsored afternoon at the bowling alley, any injury you suffer will be compensable.

However, a misconception exists when it comes to traveling to and from work. The workers' compensation system has a going and coming rule that excludes coverage of any injuries resulting from accidents that occur at these times.

1 dead in highway car accident

Every day, someone in the United States dies in a car accident due to the negligence of another driver. Within a split second, the life of an individual and his or her family can be drastically changed. Unfortunately, an Oklahoma family is now grieving after the loss of a loved while another family is left with unanswered questions.

In a recent car accident, the driver of a vehicle made the tragic mistake of pulling out in front of an oncoming pickup truck, resulting in his or her death. It is still unknown whether the driver of the pickup truck suffered any injuries related to the accident. As police continue to investigate the accident, one family is grieving while the other may be wondering what ultimately caused this tragedy to occur.

Potential worker's compensation claims after explosion

Undoubtedly, one of the most dangerous professions in America is drilling for oil. On any given day, an oil rig worker is in close range of the highly combustible material that could possibly explode at any given moment. In a recent tragedy, five Oklahoma oil rig workers were killed when a gas well exploded and now their families may benefit from filing a worker's compensation claim.

Early Monday morning, an explosion was heard from employees at a rural oil rig site south of Tulsa. As the site went up in flames, workers scrambled to evacuate the area. Seventeen employees managed to escape the blaze, but unfortunately five of the victims were too close to the fire source and did not make it out. Their remains were found and identified the next morning once the scene cooled off. OSHA continues to investigate the accident.

Workers' compensation often helpful for families of victims

Many Oklahoma workers know what it is like to suffer injuries on the job. Even in situations where physical pain and disability are minor, an on-the-job accident can interfere a worker's ability to do his or her job. Basically, that is why the workers' compensation program exists, to help such workers cover medical expenses and make ends meet when they aren't able to be on-site, earning paychecks during recovery.

In worst case scenarios, workers may not survive their injuries. An incident like this recently occurred in another state, leaving family members of the fatally injured worker and his entire community devastated. The young man was a highly decorated U.S. Army veteran.

The risks truckers face are much more than road accident hazards

Commercial truck drivers are classified as those who transport freight between specified destinations in trucks with load capacities exceeding three tons. If you earn your living in the transporting or trucking industry, you are likely aware of the hazards you face whenever you are on duty. Along with the typical risks of navigating your way along the busy highways of Oklahoma and other states, truckers have to deal with loading, offloading, and keeping their trucks clean and in proper working order while away from the depot.

Statistics indicate that most of the fatalities in this industry result from road accidents. However, many injuries -- ranging from minor to severe -- follow falls, struck-by incidents and other non-crash related events. Although the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulates driving hours to limit accidents caused by sleep deprivation, you may need to take steps to protect your own safety.

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