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Have questions about the types of workers' compensation?

You were hurt in an accident at work. You know you may be eligible to receive workers' compensation, but getting it is confusing and you don't even know what type you qualify for. Do not let your opportunity to collect benefit pass you by because you are not sure of how the system works. An experienced Oklahoma-based workers' compensation attorney can help you as you seek coverage for your losses.

There are three basic types of workers' compensation benefits: temporary disability, permanent partial disability and permanent total disability. Temporary disability is reserved for individuals who are expected to recover from their injuries. They just need time off and medical care. They can usually return to work with few or no restrictions on their activity levels.

What to do if your workers' comp claim is denied

Perhaps you work in an industry that is known for its high-risk environment, or you may go to your job each day with no expectations of suffering an injury. However, when you did get hurt or developed an illness related to your job, you took the steps necessary to claim the workers' compensation Oklahoma law requires your employer to carry for you.

You may have been shocked when you received notification that the insurer denied your claim for coverage. Now what happens? You have medical expenses from your injury and other bills that you fell behind in paying because of the days you were unable to work. It may help you to understand why insurers deny some workers' compensation claims and what your next steps can be to seek the assistance you need.

Auto-pedestrian car accidents involving SUVs often prove fatal

When it comes to car sales, 60 percent of new cars sold are sport utility vehicles. People in Oklahoma and elsewhere love them for their size, design and capabilities. Unfortunately, it is believed that the increase of SUVs on the road has contributed to the increase in fatal auto-pedestrian car accidents.

A recent report was released on this subject by the investigative teams of two news agencies. The report claims that SUVs have directly contributed to the 46 percent rise in pedestrian deaths since 2009. In 2016 alone, nearly 6,000 pedestrians were killed. Why are SUVs being blamed for many of these deaths?

Never ignore delayed symptoms of car accident injuries

Wrecks on Interstates 35 and 40 and other busy routes in and around Oklahoma City are familiar sights. Auto crashes are typically traumatic experiences that affect everyone differently. If you are a victim of a car accident, you might experience emotional disorientation and mental trauma. The shock and immediate distractions of a collision could hide serious physical issues.

Not all injuries are immediately evident, and hidden injuries could present signs several days or even weeks later. It is best to go for a medical evaluation immediately after an accident because untreated conditions can give rise to long-term health problems.

Too many car accidents are the result of reckless behavior

It was just another lazy summer day. At the last minute, you decided to take your children to a splash pad on the other side of town, just to get out of the house. Even though the trip was just taking you a few miles from home, during that short car ride you were involved in an accident that left you and your kids injured. The driver who caused the crash was in a rush and showing no care for the others with whom he or she was sharing the road. Too many car accidents in Oklahoma are the result of reckless behavior and too many residents and visitors to the state suffer because of such behavior behind the wheel.

Maybe it wasn't a splash pad you were going to. Maybe it the accident happened on your way to work or the store. Maybe you were out for a walk or riding your bike. It doesn't matter. It a driver fails to exercise care when behind the wheel and you and/or your loved ones suffer injuries as a result, you may have legal recourse.

Oklahoma car accidents: Multi-vehicle wreck injures 5

On Sunday, June 17, four vehicles were involved in a wreck in Ringwood. Oklahoma Highway Patrol was called to investigate the crash. It is believed that impaired driving may have contributed to this event. Those individuals injured in car accidents caused by drunk or otherwise impaired drivers may have legal recourse.

According to reports, a 51-year-old male was in the process of exiting a private drive when he struck a truck that was traveling eastbound on U.S. 412. The force of the impact sent the truck across the centerline where it hit an SUV and then was hit by another vehicle in the westbound lane. A total of five people suffered injuries in the wreckage. A few were treated and released from the hospital, at least one suffered critical injuries.

Fatigue is a life-threatening occupational hazard

How many hours of sleep do you get every night? Studies show that fatigue leads to a significant percentage of workplace fatalities that occur in Oklahoma and other states. Many workers do not realize that sleep is crucial for human well-being and health. Life has become so rushed that many people disregard the importance of adequate sleep.

Fatigue will decrease your performance capacity, and that can lead to injuries that could even be fatal. For that reason, the National Safety Council urges employers to make sure their employees understand the importance of adequate sleep.

Workers' compensation: Ceiling collapsed on construction worker

A fire crew was called to a construction site in Oklahoma City after receiving reports that the building had collapsed, injuring at least one individual. The victim's injuries were not classified as emergent, but he was transported to a medical center for evaluation and treatment. As his injuries occurred while on the job, workers' compensation should cover medical expenses and lost income he experiences as a result of this incident.

According to news reports, on Wednesday, May 30, the victim was doing demolition on the First National Center when the ceiling came crashing down. The worker was able to free himself from the debris. Fire crews arrived on scene at shortly after 12:30 p.m. and transported the victim to OU Medical Center. 

More hazards than just crashes come over the roads of truckers

Do you transport goods between destinations in Oklahoma and other states in a truck with a load capacity that exceeds three tons? Then you count as a commercial truck operator. Many people think that road accidents are the only safety hazards that come across the roads of truckers, and they might be surprised to learn how many other dangers you face. Labor authorities list bruises, strains, sprains, lacerations, cuts and fractures as common injuries of employees in this industry.

Along with trucking accidents, overexertion after remaining seated for many hours or doing manual handling during loading procedures causes some of these injuries. Contact with equipment while you do repairs to the truck and falling while descending or climbing into the cab of the truck are also safety risks. Furthermore, navigating your big rig in inclement weather is hazardous, often exacerbated by poor road conditions.

Oklahoma car accidents: Hit by an out-of-control driver?

Maintaining control of one's vehicle at all times is a must in order to keep oneself and others safe. Unfortunately, this does not always happen. You may have recently found yourself the victim of an out-of-control driver and suffering a great deal because of it. Did you know, following such car accidents in Oklahoma victims may have legal recourse?

How hard is it to keep control of an automobile? If you are paying attention, following road rules, obeying traffic signs, driving appropriately for road conditions and not driving while impaired, it really shouldn't be a difficult thing to do. Sadly, impaired drivers, distracted drivers and those committing traffic violations can easily lose control of their cars, and they may end up getting hurt and injuring or killing others in the process.

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