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Workers' compensation covers occupational hearing loss

No one expects to experience hearing loss because of their job, but it happens all too often in Oklahoma and across the country. Every year, millions of individuals are exposed to hazardous noises and substances in their places of work that can cause them to experience temporary or permanent hearing loss. Thankfully, workers' compensation benefits do cover occupational hearing loss.

Oklahoma car accidents: Drunk police officer causes head-on crash

An officer with the Oklahoma City Police Department found himself behind bars after he caused a head-on car crash. Authorities say he was drunk at the time of the collision and he allegedly had a loaded gun in his vehicle. Oklahoma residents who suffer injuries in car accidents caused by drunk drivers may seek compensation for their losses.

Covering medical costs with workers' compensation

You were going about your day just like every other day, then it happened. While at work, you suffered an injury for which you required medical care. This could be an injury resulting from a one-time accident or it could be the result of repetitive movements you make every day. The burden of paying for your medical care is weighing heavily on your mind. Thankfully, whether you reside in Oklahoma or elsewhere, you may be entitled to access workers' compensation benefits in order to cover the costs of your medical care.

Were you injured by a fatigued truck driver?

Because of the size and weight of large commercial trucks, these vehicles are capable of inflicting serious damage when involved in collisions with smaller cars. Unfortunately, many Oklahoma truck accidents are the result of preventable factors, such as fatigued driving. When a tired trucker is behind the wheel, it greatly increases the chance of an accident.

Oklahoma car accidents: How are settlement amounts determined?

Oklahoma residents or visitors to the state who suffer injuries or lost loved ones in automobile collisions likely have a lot of questions about seeking compensation for their losses. How much can they get? What can they do if insurance providers are not playing fair? Following car accidents, settlement amounts are determined by looking at a number of factors.

If your job made you sick, what benefits are available to you?

Occupational illness is a valid reason to seek workers' compensation benefits, but many sick individuals do not realize they may have a valid claim. If your job is the reason you are ill, you may be able to claim benefits through a claim with your employer's insurance. Many applicants find it beneficial to learn about their rights before they file a claim.

Oklahoma car accidents: 3 injured in drunk driving-related crash

Police officers in Tulsa were called to a three-vehicle auto accident on Saturday, July 21. Three people suffered injuries in the wreck. It is unclear if any of them had to be transported to a medical facility for treatment. Those individuals who are victims of car accidents in Oklahoma may be entitled to seek compensation for their losses.

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