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How to prepare for a lawsuit after a trucking accident

Are you suffering the consequences of a truck accident that resulted from the negligence of a big rig driver? If you were in a passenger vehicle when the crash happened, you might be fortunate to be alive, and your injuries will likely cause long-term health problems. Semitrailers are massive when compared to sedans, and even the most attentive car drivers can fall victim to distracted or reckless truckers.

Car accidents often caused by distracted drivers

An Oklahoma father of three who was overseeing a brush removal project in a construction zone lost his life when a motor vehicle ran him over. The vehicle had crashed into a Department of Corrections work van just moments earlier. Car accidents like this one are often caused by driver negligence.

How can a workers' compensation attorney help you?

Working in any of the industries in Oklahoma City can be hazardous, regardless of whether you work in an office, a construction site or as a driver of a commercial vehicle. Do you find comfort in the knowledge that you are covered by your employer's workers' compensation insurance? Will you be able to navigate a workers' compensation benefits claim if a workplace accident caused debilitating injuries?

Worker injured in fire may have workers' compensation questions

Many people in Oklahoma go to work every day in jobs that are considered dangerous. By the same token, there are workers who report to offices or other locations whose duties are rather benign with regard to potential hazards but who suffer injuries when freak accidents occur. Either way, a workers' compensation claim can be filed to request benefits when such injuries happen in the workplace.

Some jobs lead to more worker's compensation claims than others

When seeking gainful employment in Oklahoma, many people hesitate when it comes to certain types of jobs because their reputations for being dangerous. After all, suffering an on-the-job injury can have long-term consequences; severe injuries often impede the ability to return to work. Studies show there are several jobs in particular that place workers at highest risk for injuries. If someone is considering work in one of these fields, it may be prudent to seek information about the worker's compensation program ahead of time, just in case an accident occurs.

Seeking answers for the distraction dilemma

If you take the same long road to work every morning, you may be always on the lookout for anything to make the trip more interesting. Perhaps you enjoy a political talk show on the radio, a favorite music station or an audio book when you drive. Unfortunately, many others in your situation are also looking for something to distract themselves from the tedious morning or afternoon commute.

Blake Shelton understands grief that often follows car accidents

Country music fans in Oklahoma and throughout the nation are likely familiar with the work of superstar Blake Shelton. What some may not know, however, is that Shelton suffered a great personal loss when he was age 14 and his big brother died in a motor vehicle collision. The pain and sorrow of that situation developed into Shelton's compassion for others as their mourn loved ones lost in fatal car accidents.

Prioritizing workplace safety as an auto mechanic

Auto mechanics in Oklahoma may not always be aware of the severity of the risks they face whenever they move about their workshops. There is a score of safety hazards, and employees who do not receive the necessary safety training may put their lives on the line. There are state and federal safety standards with which to comply, and it is the responsibility of workshop owners to protect the health and safety of all employees.

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