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March 2014 Archives

Decreasing motorcycle accidents through a safety campaign

As the spring season begins in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, many residents may enjoy the warm weather by riding their motorcycles. Riding a motorcycle is a great way to relax, save money on gas and have a sense of freedom on the road. Unfortunately, motorcycle riding comes with risks, such as motorcycle accidents.

Quick action needed to prevent freight train accidents

Transporting crude oil via railway is a convenient way to bring the much needed fuel to many Americans, including those in Oklahoma City. In fact, reports state that almost 415,000 carloads of crude were transported via U.S. freight railroads in 2003. Howeverr, these benefits come at a price: train accidents. In fact, a recent deadly freight train accident shocked the nation after two trains, one of which was shipping crude oil, collided and caused a huge explosion. Another accident, this time a train derailment, killed 47 people and damaged the center of a local town in July.

Female rapper required to pay millions to assault victim

Head trauma often has long-lasting effects on an injury victim. It can cause permanent disability and complications that may require long-term care and substantial medical expenses. Americans, including those in Oklahoma, can suffer brain damage from motor-vehicle and workplace accidents, as well as from assaults by other people.

North American train accidents lead to safety measures agreement

A boom in North American oil production over the last decade has improved the energy situation of the United States but at some cost to transportation safety. Several deadly train accidents in Quebec, Oklahoma, Alabama, New Brunswick and North Dakota, among other places, led to a recent safety agreement between railroads and the U.S. Department of Transportation. In most of the train accidents, rail cars were carrying crude oil shipments that had catastrophic and explosive results from derailments and ruptured tanks.

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