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How to stay safe this Halloween

Halloween only comes once a year, and maybe that’s a good thing: With sugar-fueled children running around unpredictably, revelers drinking and driving and motorists unable to see small children in the dark, there is an increased risk for injuries. In fact, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention reports that children are four times more likely to be in a traffic accident on Halloween than on any other day of the year.

Our roads are becoming more dangerous, not less

In the last couple of months, we have touched on a lot of issues with road safety and car accidents. People can suffer horrible injuries as a result of car accidents. Drivers can fail to operate their vehicles in a safe manner, whether it be due to bad choices or distraction. And pedestrians and bicyclists are in particularly dangerous positions out on the road, simply because of their inherently unprotected nature.

Some specific injuries not covered by worker’s comp

On an average day in January, you pull into your work parking lot and sit for a moment, enjoying the warmth of your car. It is one of those below freezing days, and you are not excited at the thought of walking into the building to begin the day. Hesitantly, you open the car door and step onto the ground, testing the ground for ice.

A requirement to carry insurance isn't necessarily a guarantee

Being in a motor vehicle accident can be traumatic and unnerving. Chances are, you might follow traffic laws to the letter in hopes of preventing a similar event but even the safest of drivers cannot avoid every collision, as others might not always adhere to the rules of the road as strictly as you do.

Take charge of your own safety when working at heights

In terms of work-related accidents, most people associate the risk of falling with work at multi-story construction sites. But the reality is that even a fall from a ladder can cause catastrophic injuries. It is true that the impact on the body will be more severe the higher the fall, but a fall from the second step of a ladder can be fatal if the victim's head strikes a hard object.

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