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October 2016 Archives

Fatal accidents involving teens are up in Oklahoma

It was recently reported that the number of fatalities of teenagers killed in car accidents in Oklahoma is on the rise. While car accidents are the leading cause of death for teenagers, AAA reports that 21 percent more teenagers were killed in car accidents in Oklahoma in 2015 than in 2014. Speeding remains the number one cause of car accidents involving teenagers. There have been a total of 14,000 fatal accidents involving teenagers in the U.S. over the last five years, and greater than 4,200 of them involved speeding.

Railroad crossing safety being addressed at government level

The Oklahoma Department of Transportation recently scheduled and held a special meeting for the purposes of expediting the railroad grade crossing safety program. Commissioners and railway officials were invited to the meeting. An Oklahoma county a few hours east of Oklahoma City that recently suffered a fatal train accident, and where a particular railroad crossing is of particular concern, was the focus of the meeting.

Car accidents at work: Who is liable?

Let's say you working and your boss asks you to run an errand. On the way there you peek down at your phone for just a second. In that second a car suddenly breaks in front of you and you crash into them. You were responsible for the crash and that must mean you are liable, right? Not necessarily. If you get into a car accident while working then liability can get tricky. Even if you are partially at fault the other driver and your own injuries can be covered by your employer.

Parts of state workers' compensation law deemed unconstitutional

The Oklahoma Supreme Court has ruled that several parts of the 2013 workers' compensation law are unconstitutional. After years of scrutiny, a total of 38 provisions were found to be unethical, wrong, or impossible. Although the original law still stands these parts have not only violated state constitution but have failing injured workers in Oklahoma.

What injuries do car accident victims most commonly suffer?

Car accidents are a leading cause of injuries. During 2012 in the United States, greater than 5.6 million car accidents were reported. Of the accidents reported, 1.6 million involved injuries and 30,000 involved fatalities. The economic costs of car accidents are estimated to be $277 billion each year. Each car accident is unique and the experience of each car accident victim is unique, but it is helpful to keep in mind that there are some common car accident injuries.

Is distracted driving considered negligence?

Distracted driving refers to a wide range of activities, including any activity that distracts the driver's attention, focus or body from the roadway. Distracted driving based on gadget distractions, such as cell phones, texting and navigation systems, is commonly discussed today, however, older types of distraction, such as eating or grooming while driving, still pose a risk to victims of distracted driving.

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