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June 2016 Archives

Man killed in Oklahoma train accident

A man was recently killed after he was struck by a train in Oklahoma. The Oklahoma Highway Patrol reported that the man was killed in a train accident a couple of hours northeast of the Oklahoma City area. According to authorities, the victim was on the train tracks early in the morning when he was struck and killed by the train. Authorities are investigating why the man was on the tracks.

Common injuries suffered in motorcycle accidents

Information about motorcycle safety is important to motorcycle riders and the motor vehicle drivers they share the roadway with. This blog recently discussed the serious and potentially tragic dangers motorcyclists can face when motorists are careless. Government agencies, such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and other groups, can provide information to help keep motorcyclists safe and other types of resources are available to motorcycle accident victims when they have been injured.

Oklahoma City area motorcycle rider left in critical condition

Motorcycle accident victims are not without legal recourse when harmed. A motorcycle accident in a neighboring Oklahoma community recently left a motorcyclist injured and in critical condition. The motorcycle accident involved a motorcycle and a passenger vehicle. According to the initial investigation of the motorcycle accident, the motorcyclist was traveling north when a vehicle pulled out in front of him. The passenger vehicle was making a left turn from a gas station in front of the oncoming motorcycle when the motorcycle hit the driver's side of the passenger vehicle. The 26-year-old victim was in critical condition following the motorcycle accident.

How serious are drunk driving accidents in Oklahoma?

Drunk drivers can cause significant harm to victims but resources are available to help drunk driving accident victims. In Oklahoma, there were 3,824 drunk driving accident-related injuries during 2015 when drivers had a blood alcohol content level of .01 or higher. In addition, there were a total of 2,507 drunk driving accidents during 2015 in Oklahoma when the driver had a BAC of .01 or higher. During 2015 in Oklahoma, there were 154 drunk driving-related fatalities when a driver had a BAC of .08 or higher. Overall, drunk driving-related fatalities accounted for 23 percent of traffic fatalities in Oklahoma during 2015.

The impact of spinal cord injuries on victims and families

Motorcycle accidents can have a devastating impact on victims and their families. One way is through spinal cord injuries that can be suffered by motorcycle accident victims. It has been reported that 38 percent of spinal cord injuries can be attributed to motor vehicles accidents. It has been estimated that 12,500 new spinal cord injuries occur each year in the United States. Additionally, it is also estimated that between 240,000 to 337,000 victims of spinal cord injuries are currently living with their injuries in the U.S.

Help is available for family members of accident victims

This blog recently discussed a fatal train accident that claimed the life of one man. Fatal accidents can include train accidents, car accidents, truck accidents and motorcycle accidents. Any time a victim is lost in a fatal accident, family members are left with emotional challenges and pain and suffering, but may also be left with unexpected financial challenges. Wrongful death claims provide legal resources for families who have wrongfully suffered the loss of a loved one.

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