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Oklahoma workers' compensation: 2 construction workers injured

In the early morning hours of July 6, two Oklahoma-based construction workers were working on the Peoria bridge in Tulsa when a passing semitrailer struck the bucket they were in. Both men were critically injured in the event. As this happened while they were on the clock, workers' compensation benefits should help them and their families cover the financial losses they are experiencing because of this incident. 

Oklahoma car accidents: Pedestrian hit and killed by motorcyclist

Police in Oklahoma are in the process of investigating an accident between a motorcyclist and a pedestrian that left one man dead and another in critical condition. This event happened mid-July in Oklahoma City. When car accidents prove fatal, the surviving family members of the victims may be entitled to seek compensation for their losses.

Have questions about the types of workers' compensation?

You were hurt in an accident at work. You know you may be eligible to receive workers' compensation, but getting it is confusing and you don't even know what type you qualify for. Do not let your opportunity to collect benefit pass you by because you are not sure of how the system works. An experienced Oklahoma-based workers' compensation attorney can help you as you seek coverage for your losses.

What to do if your workers' comp claim is denied

Perhaps you work in an industry that is known for its high-risk environment, or you may go to your job each day with no expectations of suffering an injury. However, when you did get hurt or developed an illness related to your job, you took the steps necessary to claim the workers' compensation Oklahoma law requires your employer to carry for you.

Auto-pedestrian car accidents involving SUVs often prove fatal

When it comes to car sales, 60 percent of new cars sold are sport utility vehicles. People in Oklahoma and elsewhere love them for their size, design and capabilities. Unfortunately, it is believed that the increase of SUVs on the road has contributed to the increase in fatal auto-pedestrian car accidents.

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