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January 2015 Archives

Train accident victims may be able to recover compensation

Like everywhere else in the country, trains are used in Oklahoma to transport passengers, raw materials, finished goods and other items to destinations in the state and beyond. Although relatively rare, train accidents do happen and can be catastrophic. When a train derails, for example, passengers can be injured or killed. If a train is carrying hazardous chemicals, a spill or fire following an accident can cause serious health problems for people living nearby.

One person injured in Oklahoma SUV accident

Every day, Oklahomans know there is some chance of being in a motor vehicle accident. If they drive sports utility vehicles, they may know that older models of some of these vehicles are more prone to rolling over. SUV accidents, however, are underreported because they are often lumped into the car accident category. In recent years, SUV manufacturers have modified their vehicles to make them more stable and less likely to roll over during sudden maneuvers or when in accidents. Still, these vehicles can be involved in collisions, just like other types of motor vehicles.

Cellphones cause car accidents, study reports

Many people multi-task. Although this habit allows individuals to perform multiple duties at the same time, this can be especially dangerous when a person performs two or more actions at a time while driving. Operating a vehicle requires a driver's full attention. Howeverr, many people continue to engage in distracted driving and these people may find themselves involved in a car collision. It is important to determine how cellphone use contributes to the majority of car accidents in the country.

How can Oklahomans avoid train accidents?

Oklahoma trains have a wide variety of uses in the country, including hauling raw materials and finished goods over long distances. In many cities, including Oklahoma City, residents rely on commuter train systems for daily commutes to and from work. In Oklahoma City, many residents use the city's light rail to travel across town.

Helping motorcycle accident victims across Oklahoma

Any Oklahoma motor vehicle accident can result in catastrophic injuries. The only difference between motorcycle accidents and other Oklahoma traffic accidents is that this type of accident often leads to more serious injuries because a rider's body is exposed to numerous elements. Motorcyclists often sustain head injury and broken bones following a motorcycle accident. Recovering from these injuries may take a long period of time before the injured person returns to pre-injury health. During the recovery period, the motorcycle accident victim may also incur financial injury due to medical expenses and lost wages.

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