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Never ignore delayed symptoms of car accident injuries

Wrecks on Interstates 35 and 40 and other busy routes in and around Oklahoma City are familiar sights. Auto crashes are typically traumatic experiences that affect everyone differently. If you are a victim of a car accident, you might experience emotional disorientation and mental trauma. The shock and immediate distractions of a collision could hide serious physical issues.

Too many car accidents are the result of reckless behavior

It was just another lazy summer day. At the last minute, you decided to take your children to a splash pad on the other side of town, just to get out of the house. Even though the trip was just taking you a few miles from home, during that short car ride you were involved in an accident that left you and your kids injured. The driver who caused the crash was in a rush and showing no care for the others with whom he or she was sharing the road. Too many car accidents in Oklahoma are the result of reckless behavior and too many residents and visitors to the state suffer because of such behavior behind the wheel.

Oklahoma car accidents: Multi-vehicle wreck injures 5

On Sunday, June 17, four vehicles were involved in a wreck in Ringwood. Oklahoma Highway Patrol was called to investigate the crash. It is believed that impaired driving may have contributed to this event. Those individuals injured in car accidents caused by drunk or otherwise impaired drivers may have legal recourse.

Fatigue is a life-threatening occupational hazard

How many hours of sleep do you get every night? Studies show that fatigue leads to a significant percentage of workplace fatalities that occur in Oklahoma and other states. Many workers do not realize that sleep is crucial for human well-being and health. Life has become so rushed that many people disregard the importance of adequate sleep.

Workers' compensation: Ceiling collapsed on construction worker

A fire crew was called to a construction site in Oklahoma City after receiving reports that the building had collapsed, injuring at least one individual. The victim's injuries were not classified as emergent, but he was transported to a medical center for evaluation and treatment. As his injuries occurred while on the job, workers' compensation should cover medical expenses and lost income he experiences as a result of this incident.

More hazards than just crashes come over the roads of truckers

Do you transport goods between destinations in Oklahoma and other states in a truck with a load capacity that exceeds three tons? Then you count as a commercial truck operator. Many people think that road accidents are the only safety hazards that come across the roads of truckers, and they might be surprised to learn how many other dangers you face. Labor authorities list bruises, strains, sprains, lacerations, cuts and fractures as common injuries of employees in this industry.

Oklahoma car accidents: Hit by an out-of-control driver?

Maintaining control of one's vehicle at all times is a must in order to keep oneself and others safe. Unfortunately, this does not always happen. You may have recently found yourself the victim of an out-of-control driver and suffering a great deal because of it. Did you know, following such car accidents in Oklahoma victims may have legal recourse?

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