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July 2014 Archives

Car accident in Logan County kills parents but spares two kids

Sometimes car accidents seem to occur out of the blue, and some of those crashes take lives unexpectedly and with tragic consequences. That seems to have been the case recently north of Crescent in Logan County, approximately 40 miles north of Oklahoma City.

New drug could benefit traumatic brain injury patients

Head injuries are typically more serious than injuries to bones and many internal organs, primarily because of brain trauma. Like other Americans, Oklahomans understand that a person who sustains brain trauma may never fully recover. A person can remain paralyzed, have difficulties with speech or suffer memory loss. People with brain injuries can only hope that medical science will find ways to successfully treat them.

Multiple-vehicle crash in Norman sends 16 people to hospital

Oklahoma residents know that motor vehicle accidents happen every day on major roadways throughout the country, and fortunately that probably makes most people cautious whenever they are on the road. Some have witnessed collisions involving large vehicles, such as commercial trucks, and some have seen accidents with smaller vehicles, such as sports utility vehicles. Regardless of the size of a vehicle, property can be damaged and people can be injured or killed. For that reason, drivers must be careful whenever they operate their vehicles.

Motorcycle accident claims life on Route 66 northeast of Foyil

Many Oklahoma residents choose to ride motorcycles, whether just to and from work or school or to enjoy longer trips. For enthusiasts, motorcycles provide excitement and an exhilarating sense of freedom. They choose motorcycles even though most of them know that being on a motorcycle is more dangerous than being in a car, because they are exposed to the world and thus more prone to being severely injured in the event of an accident.

Train accident leaves three people dead

Traveling by train in Oklahoma is still relevant and important. Besides providing affordable passenger transportation, these immense vehicles carry essential commodities to cities and towns throughout the country. As trains pass through Oklahoma towns, train safety is also relevant. Train accidents can cause massive property damage and serious injuries, and even death. A recent accident making headlines across the country demonstrated the devastation a train crash can cause when safety is compromised.

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