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October 2014 Archives

Signs of Oklahoma brain injuries can help lead to treatment

One type of injury has become strongly associated with both Oklahoma military veterans and athletes: brain injury. The injury typically results from a violent blow to the head. Signs and symptoms of brain damage can manifest themselves immediately or days later. For Oklahoma residents who may be concerned about loved ones sustaining such injuries, the following signs and symptoms can help them decide when treatment is needed.

Hit-and-run accident kills Vian woman; driver faces charges

Car accidents can happen anywhere and at any time of the day or night. Oklahomans see their share of car accidents on a regular basis. Some are caused by road or weather conditions, but many others are the result of negligence. When negligence is a factor in a car accident, victims or surviving family members of victims may be entitled to compensation through personal injury or wrongful death claims.

Compensation for train accident deaths and injuries in Oklahoma

Oklahoma is crisscrossed with railroad tracks over which trains move passengers, livestock, goods and other loads. Overall, train accidents are relatively uncommon. When they do occur, however, they can easily injure and kill people and destroy property.

If you are an SUV accident victim, you might get compensation

It is common knowledge that motor vehicle accidents such as SUV accidents often lead to catastrophic injuries and fatalities. We have seen too many people who were devastated by SUV accidents. Some of them lost the breadwinner of their family, causing financial problems for the entire family. Some of the victims have to endure months of medical treatment and rehabilitation before they were able to get back on track.

Helmets can prevent debilitating injuries in motorcycle accidents

Some Oklahomans, who are bored with operating four-wheeled vehicles, have turned to the two-wheeled form of daily transportation -- a motorcycle. Riding a motorcycle offers convenience, such as saving on gas costs, but doing so also comes with great risks. Collisions involving motorcycles often yield to catastrophic injuries and even fatalities, in some severe cases. Riders should who wear helmets provide themselves added protection in the event of a crash. Oklahoma riders who are still unaware of what helmets can do should learn how they can try to prevent serious injuries.

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