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Any worker can suffer an injury anywhere, anytime -- what then?

If you are new to the Oklahoma workforce, you might know about your employer's obligation to carry workers' compensation insurance. However, how much do you know about workers' compensation and the benefits it offers? Would you know what steps to take if you are injured in an on-the-job accident?

Keeping young workers safe may benefit companies in the end

Are you one of the thousands of teenagers who join the U.S. workforce every year? You might be one of many others in Oklahoma who wants to take on temporary summer jobs or seek permanent employment to get your career started. There are various safety factors employers must consider when they employ young workers.

The growing demands of the on-demand industry

The growing sophistication of technology is fueling what is becoming known as the on-demand economy. Through connections provided by digital platforms, consumers can connect directly with drivers at the ready to deliver goods and provide services ordered via a mobile device app.

When workers' compensation and personal injury claims intersect

When employees suffer injuries on the job, workers' compensation provides them the necessary financial support they need while recovering from their injuries. That same system is also designed to protect employers from liability for negligent acts. Without workers' compensation insurance, companies would have to endure a litany of lawsuits filed by their employees.

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