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How insurance adjusters can trick you after an accident

One of the most stressful events to undergo is a car accident, especially if you or a family member suffered injuries. Everything seems to come to a halt while you deal with the aftermath. Losing time from work, dealing with car repairs and fighting with the insurance companies are not the most pleasant things to face when you are in pain and trying to recover from your injuries.

Workers' compensation claim or third-party lawsuit -- or both?

While workers in Oklahoma may find comfort in knowing that their employers carry insurance to cover their medical expenses and lost wages in the event of on-the-job injuries, they may not realize that some claims for benefits are rejected. Also, workers' compensation typically pays for medical expenses and only a portion of lost income, which in many cases only cover a fraction of the financial losses. The insurance system does not compensate workers for future medical expenses and income losses, nor does it cover emotional damage such as pain and suffering.

Oklahoma workers' compensation: 2 hurt in recent crash

What started out as a normal day for two Oklahoma Department of Transportation workers ended with both of them in the hospital. While on the job, the vehicle these two individuals were in was hit by a semitrailer. Due to the circumstances of this event, the victims may utilize workers' compensation benefits and possibly be able to file third-party claims against the trucker and his employer.

The difference between workers' comp and a work injury lawsuit

Full compliance with the safety regulations prescribed by the Occupational Safety and Health Department will help you to avoid workplace injuries. However, the negligent acts of others or malfunctioning equipment can cause life-changing injuries. Although Oklahoma workers' compensation will provide benefits to cover your medical expenses and a portion of your lost wages, there might be other options that will provide more comprehensive coverage.

Following car accidents, what damages are recoverable?

Each year, many Oklahoma residents are involved in automobile collisions -- some of whom experience numerous losses. When it happens, one may not be sure what damages are actually recoverable. Financial losses seem pretty obvious, but what about everything else? Following car accidents, there are a lot more losses sustained by victims than those that just affect their pocket books.

Oklahoma car accidents: Hit by a driver who was texting?

You'd think, with all the don't text and drive campaigns out there and the knowledge that texting and driving is dangerous, no one would do it. Unfortunately, people in Oklahoma and all across the country do still text while driving every single day. They believe nothing will really happen to them; they won't get in car accidents. Then you entered the picture.

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