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How TBI patients benefit from therapy and emotional support

On Behalf of | Aug 20, 2014 | Brain Injury

Many injuries that people suffer heal over time, whether short- or long-term, allowing them to return to their normal lives and activities. Some injuries, however, can result in permanent damage that has long-lasting effects on many aspects of an individual’s life. One of these injuries is the traumatic brain injury. TBIs are just as much of concern to Oklahomans as they are to other Americans.

Blows to the head and rapid accelerations and decelerations, such those that occur in a car accident, can cause a significant brain injury. Impacts can come from physical assaults, playing sports, falls and motor vehicle and pedestrian accidents.

A person who suffers a brain injury may experience changes in behavior, trouble making decisions and problems with speech, vision and hearing. The extent of the problem depends on the severity of the injury. The effects are variable, so each individual experiences a set of deficits according to the unique circumstances surrounding each injury. Many people with TBIs need rehabilitation if they want to return to school or employment or whatever they regard as normal life.

The rehabilitation process can be a long journey, and there is no guarantee a survivor will fully recover. Two limiting factors that can prevent full recovery are the availability of services in the sufferer’s geographical area and an individual’s ability to pay for such services. Support from family and friends is also important, as is counseling from a professional who specializes in brain injuries. Without emotional, financial and professional support, survivors often find it difficult to fully recover from TBIs.

For relatives of traumatic brain injury victims, it is important to find the best facilities that can provide basic health-care services, employment counseling, personal care assistance, special education services and outpatient rehabilitation. By doing so, they provide their loved ones with the best chance of recovering from their injuries and getting life back to as normal as possible.

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Source: Oklahoma State Department of Health, “Traumatic brain injury program,” accessed on Aug. 10, 2014

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