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The increasing problem of distracted driving

On Behalf of | Oct 15, 2015 | Car Accidents |

Distracted driving has become an increasing concern for our society today. Distracted driving in Oklahoma and elsewhere leads to car accidents, injuries and even fatalities. Distracted driving significantly increases the risk of a car accident. The proliferation of mobile devices has contributed to the increased problem of distracted driving, which can lead to car accidents.

Distracted driving is a serious concern because it removes the driver’s visual, manual and mental focus away from the roadway. This is especially true of texting while driving. The category of distracted driving is broad and includes a number of activities that may remove the driver’s focus from the roadway.

Distracted driving activities can include texting while driving; using a cell phone while driving; accessing the internet while driving; accessing a GPS device, navigation system or map while driving; accessing the radio while driving; paying attention to others in the vehicle while driving instead of focusing on the roadway; eating or drinking while driving or attending to spills while driving; and grooming while driving. Many individuals will recognize some of the activities on the distracted driving list and engage in them daily.

Bad and dangerous driving habits can result in car accidents, injuries and harm to victims. The legal process is available to victims injured in car accidents by negligent or careless drivers such as distracted drivers. The process of recovering damages can differ, however, depending on the circumstances and may involve insurance companies, settlements or litigation, which is why it is important for victims to know how to pursue their rights when harmed in a distracted driving car accident.

At Dawkins & Gowens, we understand how easily a distracted driver can cause a major accident with serious injuries. For victims and their families, our website can be a helpful resource for the legal issues involving car accidents and other personal injury topics.