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Oklahoma train accident claims life of one man

On Behalf of | Dec 9, 2015 | Train Accidents |

This blog recently discussed the occurrence of train accidents in Oklahoma. Sadly, a train accident in Oklahoma recently resulted in the death of one man. In an Oklahoma community a couple of hours north of the Oklahoma City area, a train accident recently claimed the life of a 71-year old man when a train collided with the victim’s road grader, resulting in his death from massive injuries according to authorities.

The victim was attempting to cross the rail road crossing on his road grader when it was struck on the right by the train. The impact of the collision caused the road grader to partially roll. Authorities reported that there were no lights or crossing arms present at the railroad crossing where the collision took place but there were railroad yield signs and cross bucks. Some witnesses reported they could hear a train whistle.

Train accidents can be both catastrophic and complicated for victims and their families. In some circumstances, such as in unguarded railroad crossing situations, victims of train accidents, and surviving family members of train accident victims, may be able to seek damages for the harm suffered in a train accident. Depending on the circumstances and nature of the situation, general personal injury damages and wrongful death damages may be available to train accident victims and their families.

Train accidents may leave physical, financial and emotional harm in their wake for victims, and family members of victims, of train accidents to try to work through. It is not surprising that the legal process seeks to help train accident victims whenever possible because of the unexpected and long-term impact a catastrophic train accident may have on train accident victims and their families.

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