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Simultaneous car accidents occur after vehicle hits pole

On Behalf of | Nov 29, 2017 | Car Accidents |

A witness recently reported that a vehicle had been speeding along an Oklahoma roadway at approximately 100 miles per hour or more moments before a serious collision occurred. In fact, the incident appears to have caused a string of car accidents that resulted in injuries to several people. Thankfully, every person involved in the five-car crash survived.

It was nearly 7:30 p.m. when the recent accidents occurred. A sports utility vehicle appears to have been the first car to crash. A man who says he watched the entire scene unfold stated that the vehicle went barreling past him, then suddenly smashed into a light pole in the vicinity. As often happens upon impact in such collisions, the vehicle ricocheted off the pole, which allegedly caused it to hit the rear end of another vehicle.

All told, five separate vehicles were involved in the crash. Family members and friends of those involved were likely greatly relieved to learn that no one’s injuries were listed as life-threatening. Every injured victim was immediately transported to a nearby hospital for treatment.

Car accidents like this one often lead to traffic citations or even criminal charges against drivers who appear to have been reckless. Such situations also often lead to civil litigation when recovering victims seek legal accountability against any and all parties deemed negligent for their injuries. An Oklahoma personal injury attorney can assist anyone currently considering filing such a claim in this state. The burden of proof lies with a plaintiff in such cases, and having an experienced attorney by one’s side when pursuing recovery for one’s losses in court may increase the chances of obtaining a positive outcome.

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