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Worker’s compensation exists to help in situations like this

On Behalf of | Nov 21, 2017 | Workers' Compensation

Construction is known to be a dangerous type of work. Many Oklahoma construction workers know what is like to be injured on the job. The worker’s compensation program enables them to submit claims for benefits following workplace injuries to help them make ends meet during recovery and replace lost wages for any time they must take off work due to their injuries.

An accident in another state recently led to public officials lamenting the utter tragedy of such situations. In this particular incident, a 33-year-old construction worker was catapulted into a pit of rushing water after a water cap exploded. It was an early Tuesday morning when the workplace accident occurred, resulting in the death of the worker. Authorities later said the man had been pinned down in the pit that was quickly filling up with water.

He was reportedly trapped there for a solid 20 minutes before rescuers arrived and gained access to him. Official say it was likely a water main break that caused the cap to blow, thrusting the man into a situation that cost him his life. The water in which the man was trapped was thick, brown sludge. Investigators are working to get the area pumped clear so they can determine exactly what may have caused the accident.

The area will probably remained closed for quite some time until more information regarding the accident is gathered. Company and city officials have expressed their sorrow and their determination to get to the cause of the accident. Any Oklahoma family who loses a loved one in a workplace accident can seek guidance from a worker’s compensation attorney if complications arise during the process of filing for death benefits.

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