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Some jobs lead to more worker’s compensation claims than others

On Behalf of | Dec 12, 2017 | Workers' Compensation |

When seeking gainful employment in Oklahoma, many people hesitate when it comes to certain types of jobs because their reputations for being dangerous. After all, suffering an on-the-job injury can have long-term consequences; severe injuries often impede the ability to return to work. Studies show there are several jobs in particular that place workers at highest risk for injuries. If someone is considering work in one of these fields, it may be prudent to seek information about the worker’s compensation program ahead of time, just in case an accident occurs.

Many people in this state and beyond enjoy fishing as a pastime. Some earn their livings at sea. It is they who may be at greatest risk for injury on the job as potential inclement weather and dangerous equipment often leads to on-the-job accidents.

It’s no secret that many traffic accidents involve commercial vehicles of some sort. Long hours, traveling great distances in highly congested traffic areas and extreme driver fatigue often place commercial vehicle drivers at risk for injury. Commercial truck drivers may also be in danger any time they are loading or unloading the hauls from their vehicles.

Construction work and agriculture are also at the top of most lists describing most dangerous jobs in the nation. Worker’s compensation benefits often help injured workers make ends meet during recovery when their injuries prevent them from returning to the workplace. The process of filing a benefits claim is often complex, which is why many injured workers in Oklahoma rely on experienced legal guidance as they navigate the system.

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