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Oklahoma workers’ compensation: 1 injured at Goodyear plant

On Behalf of | Sep 12, 2018 | Workers' Compensation

An incident at the Goodyear plant in Comanche County that left one employee injured is currently being investigated. The event occurred Thursday, Aug. 30. As employers in Oklahoma are required to have workers’ compensation insurance, the injured worker may file the claims necessary to have his or her losses covered.

Little was reported about this particular accident. According to the news, an employee at the Goodyear plant near Lawton suffered a significant finger injury. He or she was flown to a medical facility for care. The victim’s injuries were considered non life-threatening. His or her current condition is unknown.

As is protocol following accidents in the workplace, Goodyear is in the process of investigating the cause of this incident. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is also likely to play a part in the investigative process. Answers as to why this event occurred could take time to receive.

Even the most careful of employees can suffer injuries while on the job, and the losses experienced by the victims can be quite significant. In this case, there is no saying right now how this injury will affect the victim’s personal and professional life as there are no reports on the extent of the physical, emotional and financial damages sustained. Thankfully, any damages experienced do no need to be incurred alone as workers’ compensation benefits, if the claim receives approval, can cover much of the victim’s losses. Unfortunately some Oklahoma-based employees find they are treated unfairly when pursuing workers’ compensation claims. An experienced attorney can help them fight for maximum relief.

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