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How to file a workers’ compensation claim

On Behalf of | Oct 11, 2018 | Workers' Compensation

Oklahoma residents who have suffered injuries while on the job may not know what they need to do to seek medical and financial care from their employers. Workers’ compensation benefits are offered to most employed individuals and filing claims is actually fairly easy. The problem comes with achieving insurance approval and full benefits for losses suffered.

How does one go about filing a workers’ compensation claim? It starts with reporting the injury to one’s employer and filling out the proper workers’ comp forms. When reporting the injury, one’s employer and workers’ comp provider will want all the details, including:

  • Date of injury
  • Witnesses names
  • Parties involved
  • How the injury occurred
  • Medical treatment information

If one’s injury required immediate medical treatment, it is okay to delay filing a report and worker’s comp claim right away. Just know that reporting must be done within a certain time frame — usually no longer than 30 days after the date of injury. After a claim is submitted, the insurance provider will investigate the matter and either start issuing payment or deny one’s claim. If a claim is not approved or only partial payment for losses is offered, it may be possible to appeal the provider’s decision.

When a work injury occurs, it can affect one’s entire life. With help, achieving maximum relief may be possible. Oklahoma residents who need assistance filing or fighting for fair and full workers’ compensation benefits can turn to an experienced attorney for help. With legal counsel on one’s side, claims can be filed properly from the get-go and immediate action can be taken if an employer or insurance provider is not offering the appropriate coverage for one’s losses.

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