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Man found guilty in case of critically injured cyclist

On Behalf of | Aug 22, 2019 | Bicycle & Pedestrian Auto Accidents, Motorcycle |

Pedestrians have to be extremely careful around vehicles because a crash could be devastating to them. Sadly, not all drivers take pedestrian safety seriously, causing collisions that change lives forever.

A guilty verdict has been returned against a man who had been accused of driving while intoxicated and striking a woman who was riding her bicycle. The incident resulted in the woman being critically injured.

The jury, according to an Aug. 8 update, found the man guilty of aggravated battery, driving under the influence and causing bodily harm to the cyclist.

During the collision, the man was driving a minivan when he struck the woman who had to remain in the hospital for many weeks following the collision. Upon drawing the man’s blood, his blood alcohol content (BAC) was found to be around three times higher than the legal limit.

The woman, who was critically injured, is still going through rehabilitation today, though the incident occurred over a year ago.

Cyclists, runners and other pedestrians are at a higher risk of injury if they’re struck by a vehicle. When they have no protection against the force of the impact, it’s much more likely that they’ll suffer serious wounds that require months or years to heal. In some cases, pedestrians are left with injuries that will never fully heal.

If you are struck by a vehicle or have a loved one who has been hurt, it’s important to look into your options for seeking compensation. Making the right claim can help you get the money you’ll need to cover your medical expenses, lost wages and other financial losses caused by the accident.