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The value of a routine after your car accident

On Behalf of | Aug 5, 2020 | Car Accidents

While you may feel relief that you survived your car accident and have begun to heal, the aftermath of a traumatic event may bring new challenges. You may no longer feel comfortable driving and experience vivid moments where it is almost as though your accident has happened again. 

Allowing yourself to feel these emotions is healthy and necessary. However, there comes a time you must release these emotions and implement measures to help you cope with triggers and PTSD. 

Coping with mental trauma

Mental and emotional trauma may prevent you from feeling present, motivated or capable of doing anything. Anxiety may cripple your desire or ability to maintain the routine and enjoy the activities that you previously did before your accident. When you notice these warning signs, seek help immediately. Professionals may help you analyze your situation and identify potential triggers. You can work together to assess solutions to enable you to control your anxiety and prevent it from controlling your life. 

According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, one valuable way for you to work through your emotional trauma is to return to your former routine as soon as possible. In fact, they recommend increasing your self-care. Diligently make sure you get enough rest, eat healthy and balanced meals, participate in social activities and maintain an appropriate level of activity. Staying engaged may make an instrumental difference in your ability to cope and find motivation during the harder moments. 

Improving your condition

As you try different ways of coping, take note of the strategies that work best. Over time, you may need to cease some things or implement others to maintain a treatment plan that accurately addresses the unique challenges you face. Staying on top of your progress may enable you to continue to work toward a full recovery. 

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