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The consequences of road rage and aggressive driving

On Behalf of | May 26, 2021 | Car Accidents |

The average car weighs about 3,000 pounds, and the average SUV is closer to 5,000. Someone who is aggressively driving two or three tons of steel isn’t showing much regard for other drivers’ safety.

An aggressive driver is committing a traffic offense. However, when it escalates to assault with a motor vehicle, it’s called road rage, and that’s a crime.

Aggressive driving

People in heavy traffic usually adjust their speed to the flow of the other vehicles, despite the posted limit. The aggressive driver will attempt to exceed traffic flow by frequent lane changes, following too close and cutting in front of cars with just inches to spare. Ironically, that behavior doesn’t usually save much time. It simply makes the road more dangerous for everyone and can cause serious accidents and injuries.

Road rage

Life can be stressful, and some people handle it better than others. Angry drivers choose to take their frustrations out on everybody else on the road. Unfortunately, this leads to serious accidents and even to violence.

Defensive driving

While it is sometimes impossible to avoid these dangerous drivers, it is important not to engage with them. Yelling at someone rarely calms them down. It just escalates the situation, as does horn honking or rude gestures. It’s better to ignore them and move on, slow down and let them pass, or head toward the nearest police station.

Aggressive driving and road rage can have deadly consequences. Personal injury attorneys help hold these reckless drivers accountable for the damage they cause.