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What factors lead to on-the-job car accidents?

On Behalf of | May 17, 2021 | Blog, On-the-job Auto Accident Injuries

Vehicle collisions happen even when drivers pay strict attention to the road. Momentary distractions, however, could lead to a crash. While working, those operating a vehicle might find their minds drifting, creating dangers for others on Oklahoma roads. On-the-job driving distractions may even happen with far greater frequency than people realize, and those distractions could cause catastrophic accidents.

On-the-job driving and distractions

A study performed by the software company Motus presents some shocking statistics. Distracted driving accounts for upwards of three-quarters of all on-the-job vehicle accidents. Thinking about a work project while behind the wheel comes with risks. So might engaging in other distracting activities when driving, such as eating, drinking, or even straightening out a tie or combing one’s hair. Multitasking and driving don’t go well together, and those who don’t pay strict attention to the wheel and road could be liable for any crashes and resulting injuries.

Unfortunately, modern vehicles come with many potential distractions. Multimedia screens allow busy workers to engage in hands-free phone calls and text messaging. Performing these work duties while driving, hands-free or otherwise, might prove regrettable. Fatal car accidents present far more consequences than being slightly late with returning a business call.

Other factors contributing to on-the-job car accidents

Those assuming driving under the influence causes numerous on-the-job accidents aren’t mistaken. That said, the figures may be far lower than believed, as only 18% of such crashes involve an intoxicated driver — speeding factors into far more collisions than DUI incidents. Drivers that must meet the demands of a work schedule may drive above the speed limit, a decision that might lead to an accident.

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