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ATV and motorcycle crashes plague Oklahoma

On Behalf of | Jun 27, 2022 | Blog, Motorcycle Accidents

Oklahoma remains a state where adventurous travel and outdoor activities are popular. Motorcycle and all-terrain vehicle (ATV) excursions could provide weekend travelers with many thrilling options. Motorcycle and ATV enthusiasts should put safety first when riding since the accident risks might be high and the chances of serious injuries are severe.

Sobering statistics for ATV riders

Anyone who reviews the accident statistics for all-terrain vehicles may feel shocked. Between January 1 and May 17, 2022, eight people died in ATV accidents in Oklahoma. Those figures give Oklahoma the dubious distinction of leading the nation in ATV deaths.

Previous years also reveal alarming statistics. Between 2019 and 2021, 11 people lost their lives in ATV accidents. Non-fatal accidents often lead to injuries, some of which could be life-changing ones.

Oklahoma also experienced a high number of motorcycle accidents. All motor vehicle crashes in Oklahoma reached 599 incidents in 2020, resulting in 652 deaths. Such tragic figures lead many to wonder why deaths are so high.

Putting safety first

No motorcycle or ATV enthusiast can eliminate all accident risks, but certain decisions could boost safety measurably. Motorcycle and ATV riders may benefit from wearing the proper equipment, including safety helmets and apparel when riding. ATV riders might wish to avoid dangerous trails and off-road treks. Whether riding a motorcycle or an ATV, traveling at safe speeds seems advisable.

Operating an ATV or motorcycle while under the influence could increase the chances of fatal collisions immensely. Even traveling when tired or under the weather brings risks since illnesses may impair performance.

The negligent operation of an ATV, motorcycle or car might leave someone open to a lawsuit. If negligence inflicts property damage or bodily injury on another person, expect the victim to seek compensation for losses.

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