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What are common catastrophic injuries of the ear?

On Behalf of | Jun 13, 2022 | Blog, Injuries |

No one in Oklahoma anticipates being involved in a serious car accident. Unfortunately, accidents occur all the time. Some may result in a surprising catastrophic injury affecting the ear. These are some of the most common of those injuries.

Cuts and scratches

Cuts and scratches are among the most common types of ear injuries stemming from car accidents. They’re minor and often don’t require any medical treatment. A person can self-treat by using antiseptic cream to prevent infection and letting the skin of the ear air out so it can scab. If the cut is deep, it might require more attention.

Auricular hematoma

An auricular hematoma is a type of ear injury involving internal bleeding of the outer ear. It causes the affected area to be swollen. Treatment can be administered if the injury is diagnosed early and involves draining the blood from the area.

Ruptured eardrum

Impact from a serious car accident can cause a ruptured eardrum. The injury occurs when an object penetrates the ear canal. Surprisingly, this type of ear injury often clears on its own without the need for surgical intervention. Treatment often involves antibiotics in the form of pills or drops. If the ear doesn’t heal on its own, surgery is necessary.


Avulsion injuries are those that involve part of the ear being torn off. This could be a partial or complete injury and is very painful. Many people who suffer avulsion ear injuries in car crashes need surgery.

Cauliflower ear

Cauliflower ear is a type of injury that affects the outer ear. Cartilage suffers damage and the ear is left with an odd, misshapen appearance.

Hearing loss

Some ear injuries result in hearing loss. If the inner or middle ear suffers from severe impact, it could lead to minor loss or even profound deafness.

Ear injuries can be serious. If you suffered one in a car crash, you might want to hold the driver accountable.