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Look out for motorcycles

On Behalf of | Jul 26, 2022 | Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycles remain a popular presence on Oklahoma roads. Drivers in the Sooner State might wish to follow California’s lead and expand it. During Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month last May, Golden State authorities suggested drivers look twice for motorcycles. Such a practice might be wise throughout the year in all 50 states. Checking twice may reduce accidents.

Looking out for motorcycles

Motorcycles lack the size of many motor vehicles, and drivers might not see them clearly. When a motorcycle enters a blind spot, a driver might crash into the bike when changing lanes. Checking twice before changing lanes or pulling out of a parking spot might avoid a collision.

Even when drivers see a motorcycle, exercising caution could be necessary. The motorcyclist could take off or turn unpredictably, raising the chances of a collision. A driver’s cautious approach might improve the defensive skills needed to avoid an accident.

Defensive skills prove helpful when a motorcyclist commits a moving violation. Sometimes, hitting the brakes in time prevents a catastrophe.

Of course, car, SUV and truck drivers shouldn’t violate traffic laws either. Moving violations may increase dangers and lead to a crash. Tailgating is one particular moving violation that might lead to disaster when following a motorcycle. If the bike hits the brakes without warning, drivers who keep a safe distance may stop in time.

Consequences of collisions

All car accidents come with injury risks, even those involving contact at low speeds. In motorcycle accidents, severe injuries might be more likely since the motorcyclist has little or no protection from the impact. A thick leather jacket and sturdy helmet can help, but these items have limitations. The motorcyclist may still suffer catastrophic harm.

Accident victims may seek damages by filing a personal injury lawsuit. In many cases a settlement will be reached prior to trial.

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