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Tiredness can lead to truck crashes

On Behalf of | Aug 9, 2023 | Auto Accident Injuries, Semitruck Accident Injuries |

Truck drivers have a difficult job. Traveling on the many roads of Oklahoma can sometimes be tedious, and drivers might not always feel their best. Fatigue might overtake a driver, which may be a serious problem. Tractor-trailers are heavy vehicles that require careful attention to operate. Concerns about traffic safety should weigh on a driver’s mind. However, fatigue can overtake even the most experienced truck driver. Accident risks rise when a truck driver feels tired.

Tiredness and truck driving

A tired truck driver might experience a range of troubles when attempting to reach their destination. A fatigued driver could suffer from concentration issues that undermine clarity and perception. The driver could become disoriented if severely tired, although even minor fatigue might lead to a crash. For example, a driver with decreased concentration might not see traffic slowing ahead or other conditions requiring slowing down. A driver might see an exit at the last minute, leading to the ill-advised decision to switch lanes without looking, creating the potential for a disastrous accident.

The mass and size of a tractor-trailer require additional stopping distance when applying the brakes. Delays with braking a vehicle that hits speeds of 65 mph on the highway present dangers. So, alertness is vital for safe trucking transport work.

Causes of fatigue

The causes of truck driver fatigue may vary. Federal and state laws mandating breaks seek to reduce truck accidents, but drivers and their employers could violate the law. Remember that even when truck drivers follow the rules and requirements regarding breaks, working odd hours and other factors may lead to tiredness. Also, a driver might be fine until suffering a bad cold that leads to fatigue. Medicine and intoxicants could lead to exhaustion, too.

A truck crash could leave multiple victims suffering from injuries or worse. If negligence led to the accident, the victims may sue the driver, a trucking company and any other liable party.