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Social media use after car accidents

On Behalf of | Sep 6, 2023 | Car Accidents |

Social media has many benefits regarding its ability to inform others and serve as a conduit of information. Prudence seems advisable when discussing specific topics. When someone is involved in a car accident-related civil suit in Oklahoma, being careful about what one posts on social media could eliminate unforced errors and problems.

Social media and civil litigation

Anything someone posts on social media could become evidence in a criminal or civil court case. Posting something on social media places the comment, video or audio recording in the public square. An individual might comment or post something online that could harm their case inadvertently. Being mindful of the language used in comments to avoid potential problems in court seems advisable.

For example, someone could seek compensation for lost wages or physical injuries, and a post featuring a video of themselves performing physical activities may undermine their claim. Such could be the case even when they are legitimately hurt and the physical activity is minor.

Investigators may use social media posts to gather evidence when filing a lawsuit. Anything posted on a social media account could come into play when negotiating a settlement. Perhaps changing social media settings to private would be a good plan.

Social media behavior

Those involved in lawsuits centering on motor vehicle accidents may benefit from discussing their case on social media. The advice may extend to private messages, which could also become evidence. Keeping an eye out for strangers asking to be added as friends may also prevent problems. Someone could attempt to spy on the profile.

Leaving social media until the case concludes may be worth considering. Those who remain online could restrict their activity and avoid inflammatory comments or venting. A sensible approach to social media use could prevent trouble.