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Truck checks and safety violations

On Behalf of | Sep 5, 2023 | Semitruck Accident Injuries |

It may not be obvious to drivers when a tractor-trailer passes them on the road. Still, that vehicle could need maintenance urgently, or the driver may be violating safety regulations. Accidents can occur on Oklahoma’s roads when truck drivers and their vehicles don’t adhere to the law. Road checks are an effort to address some of these issues and prevent potential dangers. An annual safety road check is conducted to raise awareness about these safety concerns.

A three-day safety check event

In 2023, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s (CVSA) International Road Check occurred in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. The road check ran for three days and attempted to uncover violations. The overwhelming majority of trucks and drivers did not display any problems, but there were troubling issues uncovered with some tractor-trailers.

Mechanical violations noted some trucks had problems with their tires, lights and brakes. The violations also included poorly secured cargo. Drivers received violation notices because of driving with a revoked license, faulty logs and concerns regarding hours of service. Such violations could establish negligence if an accident results.

Violations and legal troubles

Tractor-trailers that have maintenance issues could be unsafe to drive. Truck accidents might be difficult to avoid when a tractor-trailer’s brakes are in poor shape or cargo falls off the truck. Drivers who do not take mandatory breaks might suffer from fatigue that saps their concentration, leading to reckless moving violations.

Truck drivers and their employers could face a civil lawsuit if someone gets hurt because maintenance issues undermined a truck’s safety. Also, reckless behaviors by a driver might result in civil claims. An insurance claim may settle the matter, but some cases could still go to trial.