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Reasons why truck accident lawsuits are complex

On Behalf of | Oct 2, 2023 | Semitruck Accident Injuries

Trucks travel across Oklahoma roads on a daily basis. While most proceed without incident, some are bound to get into accidents. Unfortunately, this can be devastating for those involved.

Trucks carry bigger policies

Commercial trucks carry bigger insurance policies than passenger vehicles. This is because if truck accidents occur, insurance companies strive to protect themselves and avoid paying out settlements to the victims. Usually, a trucking company’s insurer makes a lowball settlement offer in hopes the injured party immediately accepts it.

Trucks are heavily regulated

Trucks and the trucking industry as a whole are heavily regulated. They must abide by a set of laws per the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and need regular inspections and maintenance to ensure that commercial trucks are safe to travel. Truck drivers must also go through stringent training to ensure that they can effectively handle such a demanding job.

Multiple vehicles are often involved

Truck accidents frequently involve multiple vehicles, resulting in several victims. Usually, this happens because it takes longer for trucks to stop. This makes it more difficult to determine how the accident happened.

Higher likelihood of death

Another reason why truck accidents are complex is that they carry a higher risk of fatalities. When a person dies, it means that a wrongful death lawsuit may be filed; this may result in a lengthy investigation to determine what happened.

Multiple parties might be involved

When a truck accident happens, the liable party isn’t always obvious. Based on the circumstances surrounding the collision, it could be one or more parties responsible. This could be the truck driver and the trucking company. In some cases, the cargo loader may be liable; this makes the case more complex.

Unfortunately, truck accidents can’t always be avoided. For many victims, a lawsuit is the only recourse.

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