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The deadly combo of sleep deprivation and alcohol consumption

Drivers who choose to operate their vehicles while sleep deprived or under the influence of alcohol create hazardous conditions on roads throughout Oklahoma and the nation. A recent study from “down under” reveals the combination of the two types of impairments can be even more dangerous and deadly.

Seen these distracting behaviors on the road? Then keep your distance.

Long ago, very few people owned cars. Oklahoma residents and others traveled by different means, including horseback, boat or on foot. You probably can barely imagine living that way nowadays, as the majority of people travel by car. If you live and drive in a high traffic area, you may be keenly aware of the problems distracted drivers cause. When you share the road with someone who is preoccupied in their thoughts or otherwise distracted behind the wheel, your life and all other drivers nearby are at risk.

Accidents in Oklahoma school zones have been on the rise

The long summer vacation is over, and the new school year has arrived. However, it also brings the dangers of children traveling to and from schools. Schools in the central Oklahoma school district are all reopening at different dates throughout August, with the public schools in Oklahoma City being the first ones to start the new year. Children of all ages are at risk -- from the youngest pedestrians to those traveling by bicycle and the seniors who drive automobiles.

The long journey towards improving roadway safety in Oklahoma

Hailing it as a "first of its kind look at promising practices in reducing preventable deaths" state by state, the National Safety Council released results that were actually not so promising. In fact, the NSC found that not one state has gone far enough to protect drivers nationwide from preventable deaths on the road.

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